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  1. I would trust Vucko I'm sure he'll be great! Just give him an idea of what you are looking for....you could even email some pics you've seen so he has an idea of your vision.
  2. The nice thing about making your own play list is that you get the exact version of the songs that you want
  3. I used their equipment and had my own playlist of songs. Someone from the resort ran my ipod with the playlist on it and they did a phenomenal job! That was actually one of the things I was sort of worried about...that they wouldn't know when to play certain music...but I guess they do so many weddings. It was GREAT!
  4. I told them I was looking for their most "photojournalistic" photographer and that is who they gave me and I was extremely happy. Maybe since you can't have him specifically you could make the same request and hopefully get someone just as good?!? I'm sure it will be great....I went in blind with no recommendations at all, just couldn't beat the price and was EXTREMELY pleased! Good Luck!!
  5. have you mentioned the other rate to your current planner? if she knows there are better rates out there maybe she can do the same?? Just a thought I would at least ask before just dropping her.
  6. I used Caribe with some hesitation but the price was just too good to pass up!! I whole-heartedly recommend the photographer I had. His name is Vucko Raskovic. I'm sure you could request him specifically. He did an amazing job!! Here is a link to his facebook where he has a bunch of pictures. https://www.facebook.com/vrphotography1?fref=ts I can share some with you as well if you would like.
  7. I heard from my Florida wedding planner after I made the final payment, Elizabeth Riff....she was great! I've actually even emailed her since returning with a question and heard from her pretty quickly. I wouldn't be worried about that! I was terrified to make the final payment as well! It'll be great!
  8. Hi Beachbride- We went to the Mojito bar after our wedding/reception and there was NO ONE there. This worked out GREAT for us as we took over and the DJ even downloaded and played the music we wanted for a small tip The whole resort seems to wind down fairly early, we thought...but we had a group of 36 so we had a great time. The bartenders at the Mojito bar (well really all of the bartenders) are awesome and they really help to make everything really fun as well. We used Caribe with some reservations. We didn't want to spend the money for some of the other photographers PLUS the outside vendor fee so we decided to go ahead and hope for the best. We were EXTREMELY happy with our pictures! Our photographer was Vucko Raskovic, I would definitely recommend requesting him. He was easy to work with and did GREAT work. Seriously I recommend him whole-heartedly!!! I posted some pics several pages back...wedding was at the end of January....and you can check out his FB page here. https://www.facebook.com/vrphotography1?fref=ts Hope that helps! Rachel
  9. I got married at the end of January and it was REALLY windy! I had a flower in my hair and lost most of the petals by the time the ceremony was over.
  10. Great photos Tkuzma!!! You look beautiful! I love your cake, so cute
  11. I bought one thinking that we might walk down the beach a bit and do it anyways...the wind coming off the ocean is WAY too strong...I understand now why they don't allow it Guess we'll save it for our anniversary or something fun like that
  12. PM me and I'll send you my full name if you'd like to add me on facebook...I have a ton of pictures there you are welcome through....here are a few to get an idea Here is his facebook page so you can check him out from a bunch of his weddings as well. https://www.facebook.com/vrphotography1
  13. He didn't shoot getting ready....we did first look pics (1 hour before wedding), wedding (had a pretty long ceremony about 45 minutes), family/beach/sunset pic after wedding (@45 minutes), then had about 30 minutes for reception. We did not do a private reception and used our semi-private reservation at spoon, so it was plenty of time to get some pictures of decor, a staged cake cutting, and some pictures with each table at the reception. If you are having a private reception you may need more time, but we didn't feel that we needed any more. It worked out well for us! So it just sort of depends what your wedding really looks like.