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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by KnC2014 Thank you for posting your beautiful photos. Did Mayte make the menu napkin wraps or did you bring those from home? Also is that Pastor Mark Lykins? I booked him for a bilingual ceremony but I have yet to hear any audio or see any wedding videos of him. Thank you! You are welcome! I made them myself and brought them down. I got a template on etsy for like $15 and then print and cut them myself. And yup that's pastor Mark. He was honestly great and such a nice man. We had our ceremony totally in English so can't speak to his spanish :-)
  2. Since I used this board as such a constant tool to help get me prepared for my wedding I thought I would pay it forward now that it is over :-( (11/1). I know we've heard it all before, but I cannot express how wonderful Mayte was. I don't know how she forces that smile but her energy is so beautiful and positive and I felt like I was meeting with an old friend. She is my hero. Although I'd been in touch with her for over a year my communication just got constant a couple of weeks before and everything was done FLAWLESSLY (with an 83 person wedding). I have high expectations and she met every single one of them so pls be patient with her and don't worry! It will be the best day of your life. Attaching some pics! Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Dania97 Hello everyone! I am planing a wedding for March 2015 at the Jellyfish. I wanted to know if anyone has been able to negotiate their overall pricing at this venue? I've been able to negotiate with photographers as well as videographers but wanted to see if it would be possible at the Jellyfish as well. If so, did you speak with Mayte or the restaurant manager? What were you able to negotiate exactly? We're on a tight budget and anything we can save is a big help! Hi there! I don't really think there is room for negotiation as the prices are already soooo competitive for what you get (cheaper than most resorts). I just had my wedding on 11/1 and it was a DREAM, I still feel like I am walking on clouds. Mayte is an angel and she will work with your budget. If you let her know what you want to spend she will let you know what your options are to stay within your budget, but there is no negotiating in terms of the set price per plate, etc.
  4. Quote:Originally Posted by MileyGee Hi. Can anyone give me information (or who to contact at the Majestic Elegance) for rehearsal dinner, welcome party, bonfire, whatever else could pass for a pre-wedding get together? I sent an email to the Majestic site (wedding coordinators and meeting planners) for this information but it has been three weeks and I have not received a reply. I'm getting married at the Jellyfish but my guests are staying at the Elegance. Thanks! Hello! I too am getting married at Jellyfish but have around 90 guests staying at the Elegance. I've been in touch with a guest relations contact through my travel coordinator since we technically don't get a wedding planner. I was told that it is illegal to have bonfires (which I don't 100% believe), but was able to plan welcome drinks and a rehearsal dinner through them. This was my contact: Wardes Garcia - groups@majestic-resorts.com
  5. Helllo all - for those who already have their itinerary set up, what time is everyone having the ceremony?
  6. Same here, I am going to have a trial in June I'm super happy she is available!
  7. I sent you a PM as well, but can you please send me the price list as well? So glad to hear about the bonfire!
  8. Thank you!! I wonder if they serve champagne..,
  9. Hello all - Im wondering if anyone has a list of what is considered "top shelf" at jellyfish? At least the vodka and champagne? Thank you!
  10. Mady - I just deposited the money into the BOA account and it ended up being fine, but I wouldn't recommend it because the BOA deposit slips don't have a tracking number like other banks. If you don't have BOA I would just pay the exta fee and transfer directly through your bank for peace of mind (I wish I would have just done that).
  11. Mady28 - I know I am obsessed with her! I was a little sad to see that she would be travelling but I went with Phil Steingard who's supposed to be fantastic as well and luckily had availability.
  12. I booked my wedding there for Nov 1st months ago and it was the smartest thing I've done. My photographer already had 4 weddings in Nov when I booked so the earlier the better!
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