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  1. Keisha is still the coordinator!!!:D She emailed me and said she was at another Riu location for a few weeks but now she is back!!!
  2. Hi fellow brides, So, I've found out thru my wedding planner in Jamaica that Keisha is no longer the wedding coordinator at The Riu. Does anyone know who the new person is and how to get in touch with her. I have tried emailing Keisha's old email and nothing came back and no response. My wedding is next month and now I'm panicking... Thanks
  3. My ceremony is on site. I told Kesha I didn't want the drinks and cake because my reception is off site and immediately following the ceremony. But, I still have to pay $5.50 per guest to attend the wedding even if they are staying at the resort.
  4. I booked Merrick Cousley whom I found thru the boards on here. He has been great to work with and has beautiful work. Here is his website http://www.merrickcousley.com/html/#!/1
  5. Hi there, I would suggest following Raschel on Fb...she was booked when I first inquired on her services and by following her on FB I saw she had a cancellation and was able to reserve her for my wedding! Good luck
  6. Username: soon2b2013 Name: Tanya Location: Riu Ocho Rios Wedding: 7/19/13 In JA 7/16-21/13
  7. My colors are coral and fuchsia but I'm having a hard time finding fuchsia...so I may be changing it. I like the coral/ aqua idea though...I will be looking into that.
  8. Hi ladies, does anyone have any ideas on how to ship the OOT Bags? I'm not sure if I should bring them down, ship ahead of time and if I do that....should they shipped already put together????... Help please!!!
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has looked into getting a flat surface to cover the sand so heels can be worn?
  10. Hi everyone! I'm getting married 7/19/13 at ROR...can I ask which package you ladies are getting? I'm having about 35 guest whom all but 2 are staying at the resort and I wanted the free package because I'm having my reception off site...but Keisha (WC) told me I would have to pay for them to attend the wedding. It does not seem right to me to have to pay extra for guest who are already paying to be there...anyone have any knowledge on this??? Thanks,
  11. Hi, I am having my ceremony at thr RIU and my reception at a venue close by. Over 80% of my guest are staying at the resort and I wanted to get the free package since our reception is elsewhere....Keisha told me I have to pay $10.50 pp to attend the wedding....does anyone know if this is correct or not???? Thanks,
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