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  1. You may be right that they didn't put in the effort but I did tell him I would buy the rest if I liked them. He still left after 20 mins when he was supposed to be there the whole hour. He claimed he got pics of everyone but he only got about 1/4 of the guests. He also took about 4 of the same picture for everything so one in black and white, one close up, one far away, ext so really we only got like 6 photos in the free 25. We did pay $50 extra to take home the other pictures just to have them. All in all I think we got about 15 pictures for the free 25 plus $50. Honestly if its not too late I would really hire outside.
  2. I actually had the legal ceremony but brought my own minister. So we just signed with the judge after. With that said I would say they are very flexible. The judge didn't even make us do anything with him except sign and put our finger prints on the sheet
  3. Yes I got the pictures a few day later from the resort photographer. They were basic pictures where couples posed and he took a picture. It's something you could do yourself. He didn't take any candid pictures at all. It was all posed pictures of couples. The pictures were good as they were taken with a good camera but again you could have a cousin take the same pictures. Also he didn't even bother to tell people the "wet floor" sign we behind them or next to them so that's in the pictures. I mean come on your professional you should know better. You can see the yellow marker in both. I just think that's ridiculous. Higher out! Also, I won't say who as I don't want to get them in trouble but during my site visit someone who works at the resort told me not to use the hotel photographers as they went very good. That's why I never even bothered with them and just took the free ones for the welcome cocktail hour.
  4. Sorry to keep blowing up your thread but I really think you should hire an outside photographer. The hotel photographers took some pics for our cocktail hour and they were just Ok. They also were quick to leave and didn't take any of the pics I asked for. It's well worth the money to hire out.
  5. The cool thing about our cups were that everyone used them and the waiters would fill them up. The were about twice the size iof the cups they provided at the pool and beach so you didn't have to get refills as often. Also with 86 people not everyone knew each other so it was a cool way for people to meet each other. If they were at the pool and saw someone with the cup they knew they were part of the wedding. Also I Made my own bag tags using plastic name badge holders from staples, ribbon, and my printer. I sent them a week prior to the trip. As for putting your small items together I used a cellophane bag and stapled a print out folded over the top. It said weekend survival kit. I forgot to take a picture sorry It worked really well and look professional even though I did it. This is not mine but you can get the idea of what I was saying.
  6. Just so You know. I looked at his you tube videos today and that is not what you are going to get. Those are edited and videography. The free video with the gold package is just a video of your wedding. It's very very basic. I got married there last month and got my video while I was there. It truly is only the ceremony and no editing is included. It's a slightly better version than what someone would record on their own camera. The only difference is that the camera is steady and they have a good angle as they stand by the minister. Don't be fooled by the videos in you tube. Our video was fine for us as that's all we really wanted but if you are looking for something that's edited and piecing together the day (getting ready, hotel pictures, ceremony, ect) I suggest you hire are videographer.
  7. Don't worry about this. Mine took about 45mins or less for the hair and 30-45 mind for the makeup. h
  8. Just so you know. The video is very basic. It's just the ceremony. No editing. So don't expect some spectacular videographer thing. It's good for free and it gets the job done as far as recording your ceremony. They get the music and you can hear all of the talking. Something good to show your kids but its not like all of the cool videos you see from your friends on Facebook where they are getting ready and its basically a 5 min video of the whole day. Don't expect that. It's looks a little better than something your friends could video on their camera.
  9. They can do everything it seemed. My hair looked great except I would have put lots more hairspray in. I think you can save the money and skip the day before practice run. They will do a great job.
  10. I would being your own. As they didn't have water proof. I think you want your makeup to stay put for the whole night so it's good to have waterproof as you will sweat taking pictures and maybe even cry a little. I love Laura mercier. I swear by her tinted moisturizer. I've cried and sweat and even puked with that stuff on and it doesn't even smudge. It's amazing!!! They also have this eye stick (eye shadow) it's also water proof and I've done all of the above in that too and nothing moved. I wore that for my wedding and my makeup looked great even after 5 hours of drinking and dancing.
  11. No we didn't have to pay for it. She actually let us have 4 entrees to have guests pic from. We ended up using 3 as the 4th was vegetarian and no one picked it. I think partly due to our group size was why she allowed 3 but I could be wrong. We did have to have the number of people choosing each sent to her about a month prior and we used shell name card holders with names and food choices on them so that the severs knew who ordered what. We didn't do assign seats just ahad a table where people picked theirs up and put it at their seats. We had round tables that seat 8 except for the bridal party table it was a long rectangle table that sat 18 (wedding party and their guests) I'm not into separating people from their dates.
  12. They did a good job with mine too but in hind sight I would have put WAY WAY more hairspray in. Bring your own and load it up. They didn't really put any in and after an hour of wind my bridesmaids had to helpme re-pin. You can kind of see the loose hairs on my shoulders in the pics below that I posted.
  13. Sorry for the delay I guess since I talked about my ta they blocked me. ... But to answer your questions I did all white for my my bouquet. Also for the OOT bags we brought everything in an extra suitcase and printed out our wedding confirmation to show customs if needed. (Didn't need tho) we also had family being stuff and they brought the same confirmation. We didn't declare because it was under $10,000. They are used to weddings so I wouldn't worry too much. Also, they supply the toasting glasses and knifes. I wouldn't recommend brining your as it goes so quick anyway and it's just another thing you have to deal with when traveling. I did make my own cake topper tho. And brought that down. We bought our groomsmen, ingraved flasks, draw sting bags with their names on them, and cuff links. We got all of our guests wedding tumblers Braclets and plastic photo holders for the photo booth strips. We also have them do not disturb signs for their doors and wedding survival kits. Hope this helps.
  14. I will post more once I get the real pictures. These are just pictures from my friends so you can get an idea
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