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  1. I have to tell you that I got married on April 24th, 2013 and I got to watch you wedding from my balcony. It was so beautiful and I cried the entire time! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! I know I did!
  2. We did not have to pay extra for cake/terrace. We did pay for international bar though. You can opt for appetizers also, which you would have to pay for but since we judt ate dinner, we didnt think it was necessary. And we also paid $450 for DJ for two hours. We did our first dance on the terrace after the cake cutting.
  3. Welp! We got back from Jamaica one week ago. Our wedding was truly amazing. Everyone who says you really have nothing to worry about it right on! We had the best time and Santena (our WC) was amazing and so nice. Just a super quick rundown: We had our rehearsal dinner at the Japanese restaurant on Tuesday. Then we had our wedding on the Bob Marley terrace on Wednesday at 5pm at the Beach resort. We had 33 people total. We did the ceremony, champagne toast, semi-private dinner at Uncle Tony’s then back to the terrace for cake/dancing. We ended the night with wishing lanterns on the beach. Everything went perfectly – there was really nothing to worry about! After 6 days at the Beach, we moved to the Grand for our honey moon for an additional 4 days. This was seriously the best 10 days of my life! I got so much help from this site, so please feel free to ask questions – I will be happy to help if I can. Best piece of advice is to keep it as simple as possible. I don’t really feel like you need too many plans/decorations as everything is so beautiful there. I wish I could post a few pics from our wedding, but honestly I’m not sure how… Good luck to all future brides. Enjoy it!!! It goes fast!
  4. Does anyone have a template for OOT bag "survival kits"? I'm willing to pay for it, I just can't find one anywhere and all of the ones posted on here, I can't open because I don't have enough posts. Anyone? Much appreciated!
  5. I just ordered these today for the Iberostar rose hall beach. Apparently I can use them but now after reading this, I'm worried about transporting them on the plane. Have others packed these in their checked bags? The website says fuel cell. Thanks!
  6. I did something stupid! I asked my guests what they wanted to eat on the invites, but i didn't have them differentiate who got what. So I will have the total number of each entree...but unless i ask each guest what they ordered, i won't know exactly who got what. I wonder if that is a huge deal?
  7. It would be great if she could make something like this for me! i can do it, but i don't want to lug it there! I guess i am worrying too much about it! Thanks!
  8. Ok I have a silly question. What's everyone doing for seating charts? I feel like this should be easy however I don't want to have to lug a big project with me on the plane. I am going to have bottles of rum at each table with guests name on them, but how do I tell them which table to go to? Everything I've seen online is huge and bulky! I just want something with a list of the table names with guest names underneath. Seems easy enough, right?
  9. Hang in there. They usually take a few days to respond...so if you just try to forget about it, you will be happy when you finally see an email in your inbox! When are you planning your wedding for again? If you need any more info, I have a lot of info from the beach WC, i am happy to share...not sure if it would be helpful for the suites...Best of luck! This is the most exciting and frustrating time of my life. lol...
  10. Hi Courtney. Great thread! Are you by chance getting any flowers for the arch/huppa? I am getting married at the beach in April and also think I am going through Floral Fantasies. They were cheaper from me as well and responded very quickly. I spoke to the wedding coordinator and she tells me I will be charged a vendor fee for using them no matter if they are just dropping the flowers off or not. For as low as they quoted, it's still worth it for me to go through them, I think. I was wondering that...if I go through Floral Fantasies, will I still get the bout/cake flowers/registration table flowers that come included in the package. It sounds like you are getting them. I am just wondering if you asked the question or if you are assuming. I couldn't get a clear answer from WC! Thanks again for the thread! You've got it wayyy more together than I do and I'm less than 3 months away!
  11. Hi! Is anyone willing to email me some of these templates? I don't have enough posts and can't seem to find them anywhere! Thank you and happy planning! cheripjm@gmail.com
  12. Hi! I can't speak for the suites, but I know at the beach they have an amazing little gazebo on the beach that holds maybe 15 guests or so! If I had a smaller group, I would totally do that! It looks so intimate! Maybe they have a similar option? I actually think the smaller it is, the more beautiful you can make it! Also, I bet you can change things on your sheet! They didn't even want mine until a month before (which will be March.) I am under the impression I will be doing a ot of finalizing once I get there.
  13. I know there are a ton of threads on here for wedding survival week/first aid templates but since this thread is tried and true and I was wondering if anyone can email me a template or two for my bags? I don't have enough posts to open any of the posts on here cheripjm@gmail.com Thanks!
  14. I have been emailing wazrose38@yahoo.com. They have responded pretty quickly. The only problem is one second my contact at the beach said I could use another flower vendor at no extra charge as long as they just dropped off the flowers an now they are telling me that no outside vendors are allowed. I'm getting confused. Would rather use floral fantasies than tai flora as they are cheaper for what I want. Does anyone have experience with this? As for them delivering on a Sunday, I'm sorry but I'm not sure. Just send her an email!
  15. Sorry, this one was for you! I am so bad at this site! Thanks, you have an excellent point! With a crew like mine, you never know who would end up in the pool! Our weddings are so close together...hopefully we will run into each other down there!
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