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  1. Fans would be really cute but not necessarily needed for the weather. We just had our wedding 2/23 and it was SUPER windy on the Gabi Bridge! My bangs kept flying about! I did parasols for pics and it was really nice! Any other questions, I'd be happy to answer - we had a great experience overall with just a few minor hiccups that were taken care of immediately!
  2. Hi All: I never heard about them not allowing reception in the gazebo either, but they told me that they could not confirm until about 2weeks to one month before the event. Our wedding is in a little over a week and I got the gazebo confirmed for cocktail hour + reception late last week. I don't know if the # of people in the party matters - we have a tiny wedding of 20 or less.
  3. I'm pretty lost on this one too. Not to mention, I don't want to be carrying tons of cash to Mexico. I have to pay over 2k in cash for the rest of the photog fees, and then add tips for all on top of that = not very safe feeling!
  4. I did formal invites but well after sending out online RSVP invites. I didn't originally want to do them, but I figured one day I'll want to look back and have them as a memento. However, I'm less than 2 weeks from the wedding and I still have a batch to send out....hhahaha!
  5. The key to sticking to a budget is to make one in the first place....which we didn't do. Ooops!
  6. I only have 20 people and 3 tables, so I am thinking about just writing the names on the tent-type cards I bought from Etsy and just placing them at each table. I figure people will be able to find their way - and they can choose a different seat at the table if they don't like where it was placed. I'm also thinking about doing just first names - trying to keep it casual but not sure if that is too non-traditional. Thoughts?
  7. I ordered the Pebble watch but it is in production and I don't think will be here in time - his bday is Mar 16th and our wedding Feb 23 so let's hope it at least gets here for bday. I'm thinking a nice designer wallet will do the trick. I'm not sure if he is getting me anything - I had mentioned gifts previously but he's probably forgotten. We're paying for the wedding ourselves too so I'm trying to not spend too much money.
  8. These are sooo cute! I might use them Does anyone have the other stick figure templates too? The ones with the booze, fun, sun, food for the J&J first aid kits? I saw them linked on other threads but my wedding is in less than 2 weeks (eek!) and I don't have enough posts to download. If anyone can help let me know - PM me please! -Anisha
  9. Wow this thread is full of so many great ideas! Thanks ladies!
  10. Yeah - the 150 post thing is a major bummer. But there's a lot of great info and things to comment on all over the boards, so we'll get there!
  11. I've seen table numbers as photos with the pets in them - they were really cute. All you have to do is take a pick with a blank table number placard and you can photoshop the numbers in. A few different poses mixes it up.
  12. Amazing job! I'm working on mine now and it is a lot of work! Good thing I only have about 15 to do!
  13. Thanks for the tip - I was just thinking about buying these but will go with something else.
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