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  1. Hi Shaylaj, I've been looking and looking for a good wedding rate at a beautiful hotel- and you just helped me find it! I may have more questions for you about Excellence to come. I've just begun looking
  2. Please post something for Tobago! I'm searching and not finding anything recent and it's not easy searching the web--anything at all would be of great help! Thanks
  3. Congrats- sounds like an amazing experience in Tobago! The photos are no longer available online though... was wondering if you're able to post them again, so send them via pm... Also I'm really trying to find that site- for mytrinbagoconcierge.com- it doesn't seem to exist--- could you please update or give info about where I can find the site/contact info. Please and thank you!!!
  4. Thanks for attaching your template... although I'm unable to open it.. you you be willing to send it to me via email? Let me know- Thanks!
  5. Oh- another question- did you buy the catamaran tour in combination with being with the dolphins? of is that the extra $97 to do both? Thanks
  6. WOW. thanks for all those details! I didn't consider bringing over the decorations.... and it seems to be a trend how the deco disappears too- you'd think they'd have everything you need? lol. j/j. How did you manage bring over that much deco and how about travelling with a wedding dress?? did you have to un-wrinkle it at the hotel- did they help you out for that? Thanks Amanda
  7. Hi Cristina, Thanks for the review- it's really helpful- and I think this might be the place to choose! I took a look at your beautiful pics on the fb link you provided. I have to ask- where did you get those flowers from? I love them! Were they reasonably priced? All these tips- and pics are excellent! Thanks
  8. These Are awesome!! I especially love the envelopes!!!! Please PM me the site you got them from if you can't post it! Thanks
  9. That sounds good that you're sending them out this early-let me know how it goes. Like if you get a lot of rsvp sooner or later!
  10. WOW! those look Amazing! I have the same idea of making invitations look like tickets to paradise!! You helped me to get a good visual of what it could look like! Please let me know where you found templates to use. I often go to visit NY and VT- and I'll def go and browse in Michael's... And I feel silly asking but, are 'brads' stickers? Thanks
  11. Hi, I've been reading some posts about where you girls are thinking of having your weddings Cuba. And I noticed that no one has written back since their weddings to tell us all about it. Please let us know how it went- - Was the resort what you expected? - Any Pics to share? - Did your guests have a good time? - How was the timing of the day of the wedding? How was the service? If anyone could reply back with how it went for them it would be great! Thanks Amanda
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