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  1. Hello! I would really appreciate if someone could send me the price list for 2014! I just came across this venue and it's truly beautiful. Also if anyone has an invoice they would share - I'd love to get an idea of prices! My email is aneesadawood@hotmail.com . Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Ladies! I havent seen a role call forum for the Grand Sunset/Riviera Princess yet so I thought I would start one! I'm curious to know how many ladies have booked their date at this resort and when your wedding is I will be getting married on July 2, 2013 and we are staying in the Grand Sunset Princess side of the resort. Any other brides-to-be going to be there around the same time?
  3. Hi AmandaLei! Thanks for your info! After reading all the reviews and crunching numbers I actually think we might be switching to do what you just said! We were also originally booked with the Royalty package but we realized we didnt need most of those things anyways! Thanks for your help and info on the gazebos! Its so great to be able to connect with people here to get the answers you need!! I really appreciate it
  4. I'm going to send you a PM so we dont take over these boards with our messages I'll respond to all of this there!
  5. That is so awesome that your agent was able to do a site visit! Are you able to tell me what made you choose the Sunset Gazebo? I've been going back and forth trying to figure out the best one to have our ceremony in! Its so hard when you are not there or you havent been there to really sort everything out and make the best decisions. We've also been second guessing the dinner at an a la carte restaurant and private beach reception after because we havent been able to find much feedback on the private beach reception. We are thinking we might switch to the chill out lounge as well! Ahh.. I'm so bad at making decisions when I cant wrap my head around all the details in person. We are going to be flying out of Toronto - Pearson International. How about you? We were hesitant on March 15 being the final RSVP date, but at the same time we realized how much will have to get done in the 3 months after we have our final numbers so we decided it was OK. The final payments for our group travel are on April 26th so we figured by March 15 most people will know if they are coming or not (hopefully!) 50 is a great number!! Are you doing the Jr Suites or Swim Up rooms? Have you gone dress shopping yet?
  6. Hi stbKeras! My wedding is July 2 and we currently have the private beach reception with bar/DJ booked after dinner at an a la carte restaurant as well. I've also been hesitant on this because of the same questions you have and its hard to find pictures/feedback on the private beach reception. If you find any answers could you please let me know? And if you go forward with it in April please let me know how it goes! Thanks!
  7. Hi Amanda! Thanks for all your details, its so helpful to hear all of this information since youve been to the resort. Do you mind me asking which package you are choosing with the resort? My fiance and I are also going to go to Toronto City Hall to get our papers signed here and then do the symbolic wedding at the resort. We werent sure which package would be best for us since we were getting married here first! You mentioned that if you have under 40 people for the chill out lounge you have to pay for $40? Did you mean you just pay $40 dollars if you have less than 40 people? We are considering the chill out lounge, but we are not sure if we will have 40 people - we are sitting between 30-40 at the moment. I've never been to the resort, so I guess it is a little hard to imagine everything there without actually seeing it. Could you tell me the if the Riviera Gazebo is very public/on the beach? I had some reservations about booking it because in some photos I've seen you can see the beach loungers right beside the gazebo!
  8. Thanks for posting these Shelbil. You looked gorgeous and your pics are amazing!!
  9. Hi VeronicaS! We wanted to do November, but because I have a teacher who is one of my bridesmaids it was too hard to get the time off in November for her so we chose July instead. Our official date is July 2, 2013! Planning is going well, took a while to figure it all out but we are finally getting there. We've decided on the Riviera Gazebo, dinner at an a la carte restaurant, and a private beach reception after dinner. We are still trying to decide on the restaurant we will pick which we hope to confirm by the end of this week. It looks like we will have a group of around 30-40 for us, our final RSVP date is March 15 so we will know for sure then! We have a great travel agent who is working on our group rates thats been a huge help! She's made our life a lot easier How is planning going for you? Have you made any decisions?
  10. Yes you can! I have done it a few times - no problems at all. You can also use your membership to fill up gas at the cheaper pumps while you're at the US Costco too
  11. Thanks Kelly! I've sent you a PM
  12. Hi there! Im getting married July 2, 2013 at the Grand Sunset Princess in Mexico. Anyone else from here planning a wedding there?
  13. SoonCB - those are AMAZING!! You did a great job
  14. Calibride - do you remember the cost for your BMs hair? I'm just trying to price out for my bridal party! Thank you
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