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    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

    @kimmyb No he is not..but one thing he is is expensive but Great work from what i've seen..
  2. Junelove

    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

    we had some of our guest take stuff for us as their own..
  3. Junelove

    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

    i asked the same exact question and this is the response i got: "The resort does not recommend it, as there are things that can be left behind once taken through customs, or they can be misplaced or lost. They typically suggest your guests to bring everything split up in their luggage." to be safe dont do it. -Eliana
  4. Junelove

    HDC Photo

    I just got married in the Hard Rock in Punta Cana and we used HDC....and the only thing i can say is Their work is simply AMAZING!!! EVERYONE LOVES our pictures and most importantly WE love our pictures! they look like they should be in a magazine/ad for a destination wedding we cant get enough of them...BEAUTIFUL!.. and they are PERFECT to work with!
  5. Junelove

    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

    Hi KerriAnn22, Thank you! I prepared the bags once i got there and i gave them to my guests myself when we met in the evening..(they loved the bags.)
  6. Junelove

    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

    Hi Rainbow90, Not sure if someone answered your concerns/questions....BUT i just came back from my wedding/Honeymoon vacation and i must say THE HARD ROCK HOTEL at Punta Cana is amazing! ALL of my guests LOVED their expierence!..that being said i will try to answer all of your questions.... 1) What did/are you guys do/doing about your evening plans? ANSWER: i gave each of my guests a welcome bag upon arrival. In that bag i included an itinerary for the weekend...with optional events for us to all meet up.. 1ST night (Wednesday) i had a "FAMILY DINNER" of 30 ppl (the least amount of guests arrived on this day that is why i chose this day for the dinner) at one of the restaurants there (this dinner was included with my complimentary package I which chose for the ceremony decor--but i'm sure you can make reservations for dinner through your coordinator)...after we went to Sunbar-- 2nd day (Thursday) "MEET & GREET" (Drinks!!!!) since most of my guests arrived on this day everyone ate at the restaurant of their choice and we later met at sunbar where everyone got to watch the last game of the NBA finals it was Awesome! after we decided to go to Club Oro then we decided to jump in the Pool as we were walking back to our room(soo much funn)...(noone really bothers there) they're are amazing!! 3rd night (Friday) (WELCOME/REHEARSAL DINNER)...i was entitled to 2 free private events for 3 hrs each in which i used for Friday night and my wedding reception. This event we decided for everyone to dress in ALL-WHITE Party it Looked BEAUTIFUL!! everyone loved it. 4th Night (Saturday) "WEDDING DAY".. Ceremony was at 2 pm followed by the cocktail hour from 3-4pm and the reception from 4-7pm in which we extended our reception 1 hr. EVERYTHING was PERFECT!!!! we all had a blast!! being that i provided an itinerary for my guests they were not confused about what was going on we made sure to communicate with everything...after the reception we all planned to change to our swimsuits and jump in the pool...we took shots of everything (we are party animals 2) I have seen people have had fire dancers etc. were they hired externally or were you able to choose these with the resort? Also, has anybody had fireworks? ANSWER: i am from the USA someone from the Miami office contacted me after i booked my wedding date...but once you are in contact with your wedding planner you can set that up thru her. 3) Has anyone altered things such as the cake included in the package - e.g. is it possible to ask for a tier of cupcakes and if yes is it easy to interchange these sorts of things? ANSWER: the complimentary package is what i chose and it comes with a 1 tier fondant cake i added an extra tier for an additional charge of 100dollars..(i had 60 guests) i am pretty sure it is possible to have cupcakes (it may be an extra charge)... i may have missed a few things but if i did please feel free to point it out..OVERALL EACH and EVERY one of my guests LOVED their vacation..they said it was THEIR BEST VACATION YET! ..it was mine too...... hope this was helpful
  7. THANK YOU!!!!! they better love them we spent soooooo much time making them..lol
  8. Kia, Thank you!..i will take you up on that
  9. @SxcT i finished my invites! Passports and Envelope thank you for inspiring me to get these done!
  10. Junelove

    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

    Wow! amzing work!!
  11. Kia , I have a question regarding the HR...did you have 75 nights booked to qualify for the 7free nights and free private events? i'm getting married there in June so any tips advice would be helpful Thank you, Eliana
  12. Kia, Yes! this helps tremendously! thank you!!
  13. sxcT- Thank you!! i definitely apreciate it ! and i might take you up on that..lol