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  1. this is great...i would also be interested in seeing what ideas people come up with. My cruise wedding is March 23rd on the Paradise ship
  2. does anyone know if i could put together a beer pong tournament on the cruise for my guests? maybe using the ping pong table??? or using the tables located near the pool? has anyone done this? please help trying to make some fun nights together
  3. Paradise ship on Carnival March 23 2013....i am excited!!!!
  4. I am planning on having a beer pong tournament for my guests while on the cruise...has anyone planned or had a beer pong game during your cruise? i noticed some of you ladies have had ping pong balls in their OOT bags so i wanted to see if anyone has been able to use them Please let me know
  5. well luckily i live in tampa and the ship will leave the port of tampa so it should be ok for me to transport... thanks for bringing that up
  6. I've attached a photo of my idea on why I would like to purchase but I can't seem to find the right size...please help!!
  7. need to order some tote bags and rafia fans and need a promo code if anyone has one...PM me if you do
  8. do you still have the cellophance favor bags? if so where are you located? would you ship to Tampa Florida
  9. i am also planning my wedding aboard the Carnival Paradise and I am curious about the reception....DJ? food?
  10. I will ship anywhere....size 16W never worn still have tags
  11. I am also getting married on March 23, 2013 on the Paradise ship for 5 day cruise to Cozumel and Cayman....so I would love to hear any ideas/what to do/what not to do/, etc etc
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