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  1. Do anyone know the length of the Moon Palace Chapel? I'm thinking of making an aisle runner, but don't know how long the chapel is. Thanks!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by charmedhk Hi Vivi224, Congrats!! what section of the hotel will you be staying at? Hi charmedhk, Our group will be staying in the Sunrise section. We're having the ceremony in the chapel at 5pm, cocktail hour on the chapel gardens at 6pm, and reception on the grand terrace 7-11pm. How's your planning process going?
  3. Hi charmedhk, I'm also getting married there on June 7, 2014! I'm having a Catholic ceremony at the chapel.
  4. Hi Jenvens7, You already have a WC assigned to you? How were you able to get one? They keep telling me that I have to wait 3 months before the wedding date to get one. Were you also able to book locations already too? Thanks
  5. I've been busy trying to do some DIY things, and here are a couple of things I've done so far: 1. Asking my friends to by my bridesmaids. I got the idea from Wedding Chicks http://www.weddingchicks.com/2011/08/03/will-you-be-my-bridesmaid/ I bought all the items, painted the boxes, printed cards written on Word, and embossed the card with the dress: outside of box: inside items: items assembled inside box: 2. Save the Dates I go the idea for boarding pass STD from previous brides here, but I didn't want them to be beachy. Sarah from Signatures by Sarah http://www.signaturesbysarah.com/ designed the boarding pass and interested in joining us tag, and they are awesome! I designed the ticket jacket, made the mini magnets on MagnetStreet, paper from Paper and More, envelopes from envelopemall.com, and printing at Office Depot. I love them!
  6. kaliellis10, There is a wedding contract, and that's the one just to reserve the ceremony location and time. Then there's the group contract where you get all the unlimited events, complimentary nights, etc for guest staying at the resort for your wedding. If you do the group contract, then the depending on the nights that guests stay, you earn those additional items. For the group contract, you have to decide on room categories, the dates to block off, and how many rooms in each category. There is a "good faith" deposit for this. I'm still at this stage with my travel agent and waiting to her back from Moon Palace about some questions we had.
  7. Hi kaliellis10, I'm actually going over the group room block right now and all the perks of unlimited events, complimentary nights etc are all written in there. They are offering the same perks for 2014 as they do for 2013. My travel agent has been doing a great job in getting every question I have answered.
  8. Tammy, Were you able to get the list of preferred vendors? Just wondering. Thanks!