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  1. I have heard good things about the Barcelo & Iberostar hotels, but without the proper reviews etc its hard to make a decision. I guess its just a case of taking the plunge & going with the one that suits your budget and needs the most. I have heard there are a few facebook groups out there for Cuba Brides (although don't ask me which hotels - I have been reading furiously and have forgotten where I saw what lol). I wish there were more reviews out there, I am terrible at making decisions :-) Have you found out prices of weddings/packages they offer at the two you mentioned? I have Iberostar in mind too, but just cant decide. I will post if I find out anything. At least you can rule one place out (I have never heard of Salina)!
  2. Heels Robert Pattinson or Johnny Depp?
  3. Its not too long till your big day. I am sure it will be amazing, it looks it in the brochure (but unfortunately out of our budget). I have relatives that stayed at Paradisis Varadero and they said it was fantastic (was a few years ago tho). I agree all the hotels in that chain do look lovely and are of a good standard, so I am sure whichever is picked will be great. Cant wait to see your review when you get back.
  4. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with these troubles:-) Whichever resort we pick, it seems there is always a problem with: we need single rooms (never realised this was such an issue?), ppl coming 1 week and some for 2 weeks (can only get some hols for 2 weeks?), kids are coming (so no adult only resorts) and then there is the pressure of whether everybody will like it etc its very tricky. I think the Melia hotels have a good reputation and you generally know what you are getting with them, so they are probably a good choice (plus there website is pretty good for wedding info/prices). We were originally looking at Mexico and the forums there are amazing. It would be so much easier if there was lots of reviews, pics etc to help make the decision easier. Good luck, keep us updated! :-)
  5. I have just realised that you posted some pics :-) (I am a bit slow today lol). They look brilliant & I love the idea about putting a little note in the bag too, cute.
  6. Thanks Peach, I just wasn't sure where to start. I think I need to go out and buy some supplies & start experimenting! I like the idea of the stretchy cord (I hadn't thought of that). I like the ones with the larger beads too.
  7. I will check out that facebook page, thanks :-) You sort of confirmed my suspicions that Sol is the more basic of the two. Do you know whether the Melia Las Dunas & Melia Cayo Santa are next to each other & are similar? (I am sure I read that somewhere?) I prefer the MLD (it has better reviews etc) but they did not have the dates I wanted, so it's a case of picking a different date or going to the Cayo Santa Maria instead. All these decisions - it's sooo hard! Yeah I noticed the lack of posts about Cuba in general :-( it's a shame, it would be really helpful (& I am impatient haha). Thanks for the help.
  8. Great thread I am always up for money saving tips. The ones you can buy are so expensive. How did you go about making these? Did you just experiment getting the length right etc. What material are people using to string the beads on to? Has anyone got instructions on how to make? (sorry for all the questions) :-)
  9. LOL @ Italian wedding Jitters. Its nice to read some funnies mid-stress.
  10. Bobbi Brown do some amazing blotting papers which, for me personally, are a wise investment. I have oily skin and they absorb excess oil and perspiration really well (& I don't want to look shiny on my photos lol). Another must for me will be false eyelashes, although I will be getting semi-permanents as I am hopeless at putting the stick on ones on myself ;-)
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