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    Note to invited guests

    Thanks Jordan! It helps to know that other bride's to be have the same feelings that I do!
  2. lpc2step

    BDW Wedding Webinar Schedule for 2012

    I would love to see the Real Resorts featured (specifically The Royal PDC) in one of the fall webinars!
  3. I want to hire DJ Doremixx since I've heard so many great things about them but I can't get anyone to respond to me. How did you get a hold of someone to begin booking their DJ services? Help please!
  4. Hi BDW Brides! We are getting close to sending out our Save the Dates which are just a simple postcard that redirects guests to our wedding website for more information. I want to add a special note on our wedding website to our guests saying that we understand that its a lot to ask to attend a destination wedding and we dont want anyone to feel obligated to attend and would love for everyone to be there but we know thats not realistic etc. Did any of you do something like this? And if so, do you have a sample of what you wrote that you'd be willing to share with me? Anything at all you can share would be HUGELY appreciated! Thanks! Payge