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  1. You would be able to connect an ipod or iphone to the system. They have everything you need. Enjoy!!
  2. Hello ladies! Just returned from our week at Dreams. Will write a longer review in the near future but wanted to write you all a quick summary. Resort is beautiful and the food is great. I had 20 people down with me and we all raved about the food options. I will let you know the food is gourmet at most of the restaurants and can be very rich. We all faced a few minor stomach issues but I believe it came from over-eating and drinking. Natalia and Nayeli were my contacts and I thought they were great!! Natalia made me feel very comfortable and had everything in order for the first meeting. I sadly had rain the day of the wedding (the only day the rain stuck around!!) she waited until the last minute as per my request until I had to change my beach location to the chapel. In the end I believe the chapel was the better choice for me as it made it feel more intimate. So do not worry as they know what they are doing!! Flowers were incredible! We used the resort photographer and he was really good. We were able to get our photos right away and picked more then the 36 in our package. I would say the photos were not as sharp as you are going to get with other photographers but I was more then happy with the photos he produced. He was really good at posing us just right for that special shot. One con we had was the customer service from the hotel. My husband went back to the room one night to change and found our front door wide open as well as the patio door unlocked. It seems a maid came in for turn down service and did not close the door. Of course we were freaking out as we had a lot of stuff in there and anyone could have walked in. The way they first handled this situation was horrible. No apology and a run around for us to get some answers. My husband had to talk to numerous people to finally get some respect from the head concierge. We can understand that mistakes like this happen and were not looking for freebies or anything but we at least wanted an apology and a proper way to handle us being so upset. I will say in the end they offered us a 2 night refund and 3 extra nights on a return visit and plenty of apologies in the end. I guess we just expected more from the hotel staff when dealing with this situation. In the end the trip was really great. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed the beaches and pools. The wedding day went well despite the bad weather and I have walked away happy and with great memories. Let me know if you have any questions I can help with and I will post some photos and a full review soon!
  3. Yes super excited! Just want to get there. Will update and answer questions when I get back!
  4. Yes that's right. The forms were just finalizing location, cake, flowers and other decor. You confirm the date before. I believe I confirmed mine June 2012. You will get a confirmation email and there are a couple of starter forms to fill out.
  5. Have not heard anything regarding who is performing our ceremony but we are doing the legal ceremony so it will be a judge. I asked for a copy of the ceremony and was sent one. I was also told we can write our own vows so that was good news.
  6. I have been working with Nayeli. My wedding is two weeks away! I had started to contact the resort around two months and was sent the final forms probably a month and a half before the wedding date. It was making me really nervous waiting but when I had any questions Nayeli answered really quickly. Once I filled out everything I felt a lot better. Can't wait to get there and see everything co e together.
  7. Congrats Dee Dreams! Lovely photos. Thank you everyone for the posts. I am 2 months away and starting to get a little nervous making sure I am prepared!!
  8. I am totally with you girls on the same topic about the DJ. I am also having around 25 people and we do like to dance but I am struggling if its worth it for 3 hours. I think having the ipod is a good idea but I don't want it to be lame either! Oh decisons, decisions!!
  9. Thanks for all the great information! I keep going back and forth about getting a photographer or using the one on the resort. Your photos were beautiful!
  10. This is the link to the resort photographer. Thought it would be helpful if you were deciding to use them or not. I know I read some mixed reviews so requested to see some photos. http://www.ourweddinginmexico.com/
  11. A question I do have is when doing the legal/civil ceremony are you able to say your own vows or add your own readings or prayer? We are looking to have a spiritual side to our ceremony but my mother read somewhere with the judge and civil ceremony you can not add anything. Any help would be great! Thanks
  12. Hello! What a great site! I have been going through it for hours tonight. I am booked at DT for a Feb.1st 2013 wedding. Sent out invites to about 30 people and hoping for about 20 to actually come. Booked with selloffvacations and will be flying with sunwing. We are in Toronto but have people coming from Vancouver and Calgary. Sadly the west coast people have to arrive a day before. The offer we got was with every 5 rooms booked the 6th is free. That is based on double occupancy. Seeing all the posts have gotten me really excited and have given me so many great ideas! Thanks so much to all you past brides for all the posts. Look forward to chatting more on here with past and future brides.
  13. Hey! I am also getting married in Feb 2013 at DT. I went with the noon time as well. My thoughts were I was going to be so nervous and excited I will be up early anyways and would be nice to be the first wedding of the day. Like you said it leaves plenty of time to relax and get ready for the evening party. Just hope the guests do not get to drunk during the day! Haha. Congrats!
  14. Beautiful wedding! I really love your reception site and want to copy it. Obsessed with the long table. Thanks for the great post!
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