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  1. Hi! If you Facebook me, rachael Gilberti Dargie, I can send you some pictures! I was married in from of the fountain. It was a perfect aisle and still had ocean view. I originally booked this hotel for the pergola and then change my mind when I got there.
  2. We are having them be the officiant, but I am going to request somewhere with a very minimal language barrier haha. We wrote our own script and will provide it to them ahead of time so they can read it over and ask any questions if need be, I will definitely let you know how that part goes! ...but I also think it's nice to have a family member act as officiant, especially if you have a good relationship, makes it more special i think =)
  3. Hi! I have heard this as well. I ended up buying one and depending on the weather I will decide last minute to wear or not. I am hoping that I can wear it tho. I get married next week so I will let you know how it goes. I also know you can buy "veil weights" online that you can adhere to veil but can't see so it doesn't blow around.
  4. Hi everyone! I am getting SO excited! I will be getting Married at Now Jade in under 2 weeks! Ahhhhhh! We leave March 13th and our ceremony is on Saturday the 16th! I have been pretty laid back during this whole experience (don't get me wrong, I am still very detail oriented, simply not letting stress become a factor). I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who posted questions and answers on this forum. You all really helped me to plan vs emailing the coordinator over and over...which can take FOREVER to get a satisfactory/clear response. So I really appreciate each and everyone of you!! I fully tend to pay it forward by coming back to this site and posting pictures and reviews for all of you future brides as I know its hard to envision the "Big Picture" and how it will all come together! We are very fortunate to be the only ones wedding on the 16th! This way if I want to make last minute location changes I can. As of right now we are getting married at the Pergola, cocktail hour and the Blue Bar, and reception of the Terrace. However, I may switch to the bamboo room---we shall see! We are traveling with 29 people. We went with the divine package. We forgoed the resort photographer and are bringing one of our own from the States. I am so glad I went this route! We are paying for her and her spouses/assistant's trip and in return we will have her all day for the wedding, a bonus day to photo any event of our choosing and full rights to all edited photos! We are doing a combo religious/symbolic wedding and have written most of the script ourselves. We have a wedding party of 2 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen. Currently I am trying to finish all the minor DIY projects! Hope it all runs smoothly!
  5. Does anyone have the readings for a symbolic ceremony? I am nervous about what will be said.
  6. Could you send this to me as well? Raylynn33@comcast.net THANK YOU!!!
  7. Do you have a public website to view some of your photos? I am nervous about using the hotel photographer. I am very picky with pictures and this is the most important things for me.....well besides my groom =)
  8. Hi, Congrats on your wedding! What time of day did Pierre Voille shoot with you? I was thinking of booking him for the TTD session.
  9. This does seem reasonable especially for that week which is close if not during school vacation
  10. Could you please email me this when you have a chance. I would really appreciate it! Raylynn33@comcast.net Thanks!!
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