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  1. Hi all, I am getting married April 20, 2013. There are about 47 people attending the wedding. I was given the choice of Garden Grill, Pescador, or Santa Fe Tex Mex menu. Is that at all different locations? Any suggestions? We want to have an open terrace. I am having trouble communicating my point across to the WC. Any feedback would be great. Sheryl
  2. I am getting married April 20,2013. I was also not expecting more than 30 people and wanted to do a beach reception. I have about 45 people attending so we have switched from a beach reception to a reception on the terrace. We picked a package that accommodates 40-60 people. I still haven't picked the menu.... any suggestions? Any tips on what to do for center pieces? My brother who got married in Mexico last year took their own center pieces but it seemed to be a hassle with taking everything down and the air line were picky with how much the bags weigh.
  3. Where is this Garden Grill? Is it on the Esmeralda part of the resort? Anyone planning a beach reception?
  4. Hi, I am getting married April 2013. We are going to get the photographer because they give you pictures and they will know where to go to take good pics. My brother and his wife just got married in Mexico and they got a book with all their pictures which is an amazing keep sake. If you bring your own photographer, you still have to pay $600 but I guess thats better than $1000-1500. For my brothers wedding he just got speakers and a microphone and had his ipod hooked up. I think I'm going to do the same because I don't know if the DJ will even have the songs I want. Just a thought.
  5. I am getting married at the Esmeralda April 2013. Any tips?
  6. I am getting married April 2013 at the Esmeralda. Any tips?