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  1. and I was also wondering whether there is tax on the wedding packages? I chose the divine package and it doesn;t specify tax only cost os 2999$ Thanks!
  2. Hey Ladies, I was wondering if anyone knows if peonies and/or hydrangas and available as flowers for our bouquets? As well if there are special lighting available in the bamboo room? Thanks:)
  3. Is anyone else having a hard time getting a hold of Pilar? She has not replied to a couple emails now. My wedding isn't till April but I'd love to get my questions answered!
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows if wine on the tables at the reception is included in the divine wedding package? And I was curious who was thinking of paying extra for a bartender at the reception... or if not a bartender, how many waiters are staffed to keep drinks coming to our guests!!?? I don't want my guests to be wanting a drink and have to leave the wedding to get one.. :-o What do you think?
  5. I don't think any centrepieces are included in the Divine package... except one arrangement at the reception for the head table. I'm going to be bringing as much as I can for decorations. I have a vase, tealights and tealight hoders, some seashells, silk flower petals that I'm bringing with me and then I was thinking of using my bridesmaids bouquets as my flowers in the vase. The bridesmaids can then take the vase with their flowers back to their rooms to enjoy after the wedding:) What do you ladies think of that idea? The bridesmaid bouquets are $65 a piece so I was hoping to use them for the whole night!
  6. Hey Ladies, I may have misunderstood a message Pilar sent to me... From what she said I understood the ceremony, cocktail hour and 3 hour of reception was included in the divine wedding package. However it does also say over 3 hours of reception coverage it's $15per person and then below that it say the dj is $250 an hour. I am so confused!! I've asked Pilar to clarify the information... I'll keep you posted:) Sorry for the confusion.
  7. Hello Ladies! I have been in contact with Pilar and from the information she sent me it looks like DJ time is included in the Divine wedding package! She said the package included 20-40 min at ceremony, 1hour at cocktails, and 3 hour at reception. Anything over that time is $250 an hour. I am soooo happy to hear this as I thought we needed to pay an additional $1000 for 4 hours of DJ time. Hope this is as great news to you as it was to me. Tamara
  8. Hey Michelle, I totally understand wanting a guessimate on cost of this wedding. It can be so difficult to "guess" with all the hidden costs that there seems to be! I'm having approx. 40 peopele and to be honest I kinda wish my numbers were closer to 25. From what I understand once you exceed the 25 people the cost goes up dramatically.And I am also wondering if there are taxes on the divine wedding package..at 26% that can add up.Thanks goodness for this forum!! AT least us brides can help each other out:) Tamara
  9. Would you mind sending me this planning form as well:) It sounds like it is very helpful. NOW WEDDING PLANNING FORM.doc
  10. I booked in June of this year with Transat vacations. The price includes airfare from Winnipeg to Cancun and one week at a tropical view room. I noticed prices have gone up on various websites like 1travel2000..but I'm pretty sure you can get a lower price when booking a group rate.
  11. Hmmm thats interesting! We booked with Transat and they are offering the sixth room free, however they are only giving us the cost of one person per room. We paid 1550 per person and will get $1134 for every sixth room ( prices less the taxes). There are so many different prices and deals!! What prices are you ladies getting for the prefered club room? If you are choosing this option.
  12. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a DJ? The price quote is $1000 for four hours which I think is quite steep! As well whether the DJ will introduce the wedding party, speeches ect. Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks for the replys! I tried to ask Pilar these questions but its been a couple weeks and no response as of yet. If I hear back from her I will update you with her answers.
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