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  1. Has anyone who is having or had their wedding at the Grand heard or had to pay extra money on top of the $100 day pass to have their non-Iberostar guests stay for dinner and dancing? My wedding is next week and I just heard of this! The documents state 100 for "wedding festivities" dinner and dancing is part of the "festivities." Anyone else had this issue or did you end up paying just $100 day pass?
  2. I am doing my own makeup. However, as far as eyelashes I will be doing individual eyelash extensions right before I head to Jamaica. I would said get some nice Mac eyelashes and use the glue called DUO they sell it at Walgreens. Buy the black one. I have several makeup artist friend that always recommend it. Good luck.
  3. You are the day after me, but mine is at the Grand. Aww! I bet you are so excited, as I am.
  4. Love Angela Nuran shoes. I am wearing her Starletta shoe for my wedding.
  5. Hi fellow brides, I wanted to share my wedding shoes with all of you. They are from a designer called Angela Nuran, they are soo comfortable. They are made of italian silk upper and Swarowski (spelling?) crystals and are adjustable are ankle and at the front. So, no need to wear them in, They are padded and I was able to have them professionally dyed in the color of my choice. They did an amazing job, they look like they came in that color. I will be wearing either some high sandals or barefoot for the ceremony (unless we have it on the terrace) But these are my reception shoes. Anyway, if you want a comfortable high heel- these are it!
  6. Does anyone know what the activities as far as bonfires, beach parties, etc is for the Grand. Just so I know how to plan around it or take advantage of it. Thanks ladies, happy planning.
  7. That sounds awesome! Sadly, money and our busy lives will not allow for a pre-wedding visit. So, this makes me kind of nervous.
  8. Great advice! I will make sure to check that out. So, kfarkas26, have you visited the Grand before? I see your wedding is not until next year.
  9. Great! Thank you!! I am thinking I will have about 20 as well. Appreciate the feedback.
  10. Hello ladies, Has anyone not had a private reception and do you have pictures? I may not have enough people to attend to have a private reception, so we may just do dinner at one of the restaurants does anyone have an idea of what the area they reserve looks like? Can we decorate (candles and flowers type stuff?) Also, has anyone considered having cocktail hour in the lobby bar? Do you think they would allow some trays of appetizers? Hmm...? Any information would help, thanks.
  11. My message was never approved? What I wrote was that I bought mine through my travel agency (allinclusiveoutlet.com) it was about $130pp. Which is great if there is an emergency or such. I am not making my guests buy it, but it would be a great idea. however, most are staying less time than ours so our loss would be way more.
  12. jsamaras1, I bought the insurance directly through my travel agent. (allinclusiveoutlet.com) it was only like 130pp. Which is less than what some airlines charge for flight change.
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