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  1. I brought fans and they placed them on the chairs of the ceremony and after buying them I debated whether to lug them down there or not and it was the best thing I did everyone used them and I bought a case of them for $10 but I have to say they do an amazing job on flowers! I opted for the tropical arrangements because they were cheaper she asked me my colors and they were georgeous!
  2. They kinda do but it's worth it it looks amazing and it turns out great.. I paid $5 pp to have purple napkins and I had 33 guests so I almost died when I heard this and honestly I don't even think anyone noticed the purple napkin between the beautiful flowers and the lighting from the dj ect so that stuff I would just opt out if .. Would have rather put 175 some else than napkins!
  3. Hi I bought my own sashes with me as well as favors and I had the sashes moved from the ceremony to the reception because I only bought enough to reuse them for both and they charged me like $50 to set them up in both locations .. I would double check with that
  4. Julie Artisty was my planner and I lovedddd her , I actually was not nervous they are very professional I just advise one thing you pay the balance when you arrive... I did not feel comfortable traveling with all that cash so she said I could use I debit card and I was so happy untill I arrived home to $350 in fees for using my card in another country so use cash just keep it on u!!
  5. Hi!! Just wanted to say I did the basic package and did some add ons , I used dj mania and carribian emotions photography and my wedding reception was in the pool area.... Best decisions of my life!! It was perfect .. The only thing I regret is there were a few photos I forgot to ask my photographer to take like my husband and his mom ect .. So make a shot list that is important.. Also if you can afford it hire a photographer for the reception I'm sad I don't have too many everyone was so busy dancing they didn't take many... Any questions please ask!!!!
  6. Hi! I actually hired Michael wieler from caribean emotions and I loved him! He was reasonable and the photos were amazing and I had my album three days later!!
  7. Hi! I actually hired Michael wieler from caribean emotions and I loved him! He was reasonable and the photos were amazing and I had my album three days later!!
  8. Also I purchased the dance floor I reccomend but not really needed you can see in this picture
  9. Hi! So as far as lighting they have lights around the pool but not much. I rented through dj mania star lanterns that they hung around the pool as well as some strobe lights provided by the dj. I did allot of research in the photographer and dj but they were outside vendors that I hired and had to pay to get them on the property $175 each person. So worth it! Michael wieler from caribean emotions was amazing!
  10. Hi! I did have them announce us and the bridal party since I missed most of cocktail hour taking pictures! It was allot if fun! We came in for a minute then went back over the bridge and he announced us
  11. Hi all! I just got married march 9th at dreams palm beach and it was amazing!!! My ceremony was at the garden gazebo and reception by the pool ( best location, too windy on the beach) I did the cheapest package and added my own touches on it worked out best for me! I brought my own chair sashes that were purple and that added a color pop I also got the tropical flower centerpeices that were georgeous and I used dj mania (he is awesome!!) and Michael wieler from caribean emotions and he did a beyond amazing job you must must get him! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I loved this resort my guests had a blast and I highly recommend thus place!!!!
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