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  1. It didn't turn out well!! the seller used jasmine's pictures and guaranteed it to look exactly as pictured. the kind of got the bodice right but definitely not the skirt. they tried twice and failed both times. i believe i posted pictures here already. they did refund my money though.
  2. I was just looking at her dresses on etsy! i'm thinking about buying a gemma replica from her after my dhgate failure. Can you tell me how the fabric is after you receive it?
  3. Yes i've been through this thread up and down and I've seen all their great reviews. The point is they did not make Kittyinheels dress correctly and don't want to take responsibility for it. The flaws may be small, but they could have owned up to it and admitted it wasn't designer grade work. So in the end if I were in the same situation I would file a dispute because their great reviews are not going to fix the problems of my dress. And having ruching and embellishments to hide flaws doesn't make me feel any better about jasmines. Also I didn't buy from them because they were too expensive, not because I was super worried about the quality of the dress I wanted since they made it before. Though Kittyinheels makes me a bit wary about their designer grade quality and craftsmanship.
  4. i wrote a long post this morning regarding my dhgate seller with pictures and it went to moderation. ive never had posts go there? is it because of the pictures?
  5. So I received my red gemma knock off pics from my DHGate seller. Though the bodice looks great, the skirt is kind of a mess! Hahahaha I guess that's what I get for trying to find a cheaper dress. Though this seller used Jasmine's pictures, but could not deliver the same dress. I asked too, because I knew the pictures were Jasmine's and they said they could make it 100% the same. Though the seller was very patient and super nice, they really shouldn't advertise what they can't deliver, especially since I asked specifically. If they had said they could make it about 100% in the bodice and 50% in the skirt like the picture then I would have gone in w/ those expectations and been satisfied, but my expectation was 100% and they did not meet those expectations. Also she said she couldn't give me a refund on her end, I would have to start the process, but DHGate has no mechanism for this on my side unless I actually receive the item. I think it's a load of BS. I just filed a dispute w/ my CC, the seller should confirm it. Thank god this was not my real dress!!! Hahahahaa I would be super pissed off right now, but it was just a reception dress. I may just end up not wearing on and keeping my wedding dress on all night. So beware!!
  6. Wow I almost went w/ them for a reception dress from all the great reviews! But they were too cost prohibitive. If it's w/in 6 months and you paid through credit card I would call your credit company and dispute $300 of the charge. They misrepresented their product in my opinion and are trying to blame you. You can send your cc company all those photos as proof. The shoddy sewing I would expect from a ebayed dress but not for 600 bucks.
  7. no i never got it made. i was going to use an etsy seller that i think could have done a decent job, but it was going to cost $900. it was going to be my reception dress so my limit was around $300. i ended up going w/ a gemma replica from a dhgate seller. it's still in the process of being made.
  8. Have you tried DH Gate? I've heard good things about babyonline (a seller on there). I'm considering them for my TTD shoot too. But I've not seen pictures of their lace dresses so I'm a bit hesitant. Their other work seems okay though.
  9. Has anyone ordered a lace dress from babyonline before? How's the quality? I'm thinking about going through them for my TTD shoot because they are so cheap, but I don't want the lace to look like crap! Thanks!
  10. Wow that is really almost identical. I'd say only that the pleating on the bodice seems less stiff and a bit more delicate on the original, but I think i like the ruffles more on the replica! you look great!
  11. Wow great dress!! i've been looking at their gemma replica as well and deciding whether I need to do the upgrade or not. Thanks for posting pics of standard quality!
  12. Thats odd why cant i see the attachment. I get an error saying i dont have the right permissions?