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  1. Congrats Tonya! The pictures you posted are beautiful!! Did you have to select a photo package prior to your wedding?
  2. Quote:Originally Posted by sherrie23 Hey ladies. We just for back in last night from our time at SOR and it was awesome! We stayed on the seaside but got married on the hillside on Monday the 22nd. I will try to update more later, but wanted to knock out something quick while I was thinking about it. Wedding Coordinator & Driver LaToya was our wedding coordinator & she was very laid back and easy to work with, but very professional at the same time. Ishmael was our driver since we had to go to the other side. He picked up my groom half an hour before and then when LaToya came to get me, he was there for me also for a private escort over which was nice. He turned on some music and it was the song I was walking in to (a different version so a lucky coincidence). Photos I mentioned in a previous post that we were planning to use a local photographer for our trash the dress/ wedding portraits later on and had decided not to use Sandals photographers, mostly because of the bad feedback I'd read on message boards. I had been under the impression that they'd have a photographer there to capture at least some of the ceremony since I read that we'd get one free 5x7, plus we were planning to get a video done. I'm glad I said something to my fiancé when we were in LaToya's office because she clearly explained the policy. We opted for the 18 photo SnapShots package, the smallest one I believe, so we'd have some to pick from. When we went to take a look at them they were fabulous! Let me say its not my first wedding & I've seen tons of shots of weddings & these were just as good. Some people had been disparaging about them not being as arty or whatever, but we had some really great ones that were. We bought a much larger package- 48 photos & would have gotten more had we budgeted for it in advance (dang). I absolutely recommend them. I will try to post to a public folder on FB or something & send the link. They are working with what they have & in our case it was seriously hot & we picked a full-sun venue (that will have to be for another post), so we were the limitations, but they know their venue the best. Oran was our photographer & I would recommend him. We're already planning to go back for our 1 yr anniversary & get him to do some photos with us when we're there. I'm not sure if you can call ahead & request him, but I'd suggest you look into it. I'll have to write more about the video (wow!), the venue, and my off-site photographer, etc.... gotta get back to work now. Sherrie Congratulations Sherrie! Everything sounds great so far. I can't wait to hear more about your experience. I am trying to decide what I should do for a photographer so it would be great to see how your pictures turned out.
  3. Hi Sandals Brides, I know some of you recently had your weddings!!! Congrats and I hope all went well. I would love to hear any reviews and advice. Good luck to all of the soon to be brides!!
  4. Hi Jillie! Welcome back and Congrats! Did you use the Sandals photographer?
  5. No problem! I have not booked anything yet but I am hoping for late July early August this year (6 or 7 months away!). Since I have found out that it is possible to have an outside photographer I will try to reserve my date in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we will find a photographer to fly out there at an affordable rate.
  6. Hi Chrissy, I received the wedding extras document from Sandals and they do offer a 3 hour reception for $75 per person. A seated dinner, open bar, and some other things are included. Let me know if you would like me to e-mail the document. I am considering Sandals also but I am trying to get more info in the photography issue.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience! Hopefully you can answer a few questions that I have since I am considering Secrets. 1. Did you choose the ultimate package? Is so, were there a lot of add-ons that you needed? 2. Did you bring any of your own decorations? Was there a set-up fee? 3. Were you able to have dinner with your group nightly? 4. Did you choose to hire the DJ for your reception? Thanks!!!!
  8. Mimi, Thanks for sharing that information. I thought about purchasing one of the packages but the are so many additional costs that are necessary to pay for outside of the packages (legal fees, DJ, sound system, set up fees, etc.). I thought that the free wedding would be a better option but that wouldn't work if I can't even have dinner with my group.
  9. Hi everyone! I am considering Secrets for my wedding next year. I am wondering if you all know if group reservations can be made at the restaurants. I am not expecting more than 10 guests so I am not sure if it is worth it to book any of the packages with a private reception. THANKS!
  10. Hi Kendra! I am trying to figure out extra costs that would associated with the free package. Did you have to pay to use the sound system for your ceremony music? Did you have to pay for the service of the coordinators?
  11. Hello Everyone!!! Can someone please tell me if guests from the suites and beach hotel can attend a bonfire at the grand or will they need passes for that as well?
  12. This is for the tropical view jr suite. It is $604 for 4 nights....hotel only.
  13. Can anyone share how much your guests have or will pay per night at the resort? I received a quote of $469 for 3 nights/double occupancy. Does that sound about right or do you think it will go down?
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