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  1. Miranda, for a "favor" we took everyone on the Captin Hook pirate dinner cruise and it was a lot of fun for everyone. It was pretty expensive once it was all said in done but we wanted to do something to say thank you to all of our guest. We did do out of town bags and my husband just went to the rooms and handed them out. (we only had 20 guests so only 10 rooms). Since we had so few guests we personalized the bags a little and put some nicer gifts in my mom and sisters like swimsuit cover ups. My mom and sister both are hair stylist so they did my hair and makeup. It was REALLY windy at my wedding and I had a loose side braid but I wish I would have just leave it down or put it up tighter because it all kinda fell out anyway.
  2. I got married here in February. We had about 20 guests. We got married on the beach and had a private reception on the upper pool area. The food was very good, I believe we had the ahi salad, white bean soup, and the chicken and fillet. Since we had cake we asked Lis if we could do an app instead of dessert and she said that was fine so we had the tempura shrimp and it was excellent. We used FineArt Studio for a photographer and cenote TTD and they were AMAZING. They cost more than the whole wed dding but worth every $. We did not get any flowers, only my bouquet which was part of my package, or really any other ad-ons. The resort is very nice, a little on the smaller side and no disco but we all had a lot of fun. The pool was a little cold in February but we did not stop us from swimming everyday. We thought all of the restaurants were very good, I never had the buffet though. I really liked the civiche bar and hung out there for lunch everyday. I wish I could have one of those fish tacos now Unlike the other reviews I was not happy with Lis, she was very nice and I liked her a lot, but she made a BIG mistake. My husband and I wrote our own vows and ceremony script and after I walked down the aisle and was being married the officiant started reading something that was not our ceremony. We did not want to stop the wedding so we just did her generic script. It still makes sad thinking about it. We spent months writing it and it was very personal and perfect for us. My husband has mentioned several times that he doesn't even feel married because the whole time we were thinking about how that was not our script and not about our vows to each other. After the wedding I asked her what happened and she apologized and asked if we wanted to re-do it?! We declined obviously. Then all night she kept asking if we wanted to say our vows over dinner/during the dance/after the toasts ect. Then at dinner I had to have my husband make sure they had one vegetarian entree for one of my guests because I knew she had forgot and she did. I think she is very scatter brained and not very detailed. She is very busy (there was at least one wedding everyday we were there) and I understand that, but that was a big mess up. So if something is important to you no matter how many times she reassures you to relax and she has everything handled just keep double checking. If anyone has any questions about anything at all feel free to PM me.
  3. http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/cubavera-pants-single-pleat-pants?ID=364531&CategoryID=9559&LinkType=#fn=SPECIAL_OFFERS%3DClearance/Closeout%26sp%3D2%26spc%3D3118%26ruleId%3D19%26slotId%3D60 Normally 70, lots of sizes
  4. We only have 13 guests so I see your dilemma. We are doing a private dinner for $50 a person at the resort right after the ceremony. We do not have to rent a room we are going to have it in an area by the pool which is included in the price. I think we are doing a sunset dinner cruise the night before for our "rehearsal" dinner. I just thought it would be easier to just stay in the same place. See if your resort offers something like that.
  5. The deal is on agian http://www.groupon.com/deals/scarves-com-11?pt=aUN294TAAAAD4Ter_NQcDJU4Ft9H8s2No
  6. I have a one year old and she will be at my wedding but she is our child.. My resort offers sitters for a fee and we were thinking about using one for the reception (if I can handle it, a little scary a stranger in another country watching my child) just be aware some of your guest may feel offended you asking that their children not attend the ceremony(especially being watched by a stranger) after traveling so far to come to your wedding which may double as their family vacation. The "no children please" is often a touchy subject even at a wedding at home.
  7. We went out last weekend looking everywhere and I think we are going to go with these. It is an off white and does not look yellow at all. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/nordstrom-smartcare-traditional-fit-pinpoint-dress-shirt/3073633?origin=category&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=Ecru&resultback=1026
  8. Not crazy at all! If you can return it if it doesn't fit then loosing out on shipping charges is a low risk for your dream dress. Let us know when you get it!
  9. $15 for $40 worth of fashion scarves and pashminas $30 for $80 worth of the above http://www.groupon.com/deals/scarves-com-11 It looks like they are all 19.95-24.95 so for $30 you could get four pashminas Deal ends in 7 hours!
  10. I think these are my favorite I have seen, I hope mine look half as good.
  11. We didn't have a budget and I guess still don't. This is what we have spent or know we will spend as of now, and I'm sure more unexpected things will come up Trip (flight and room for 7days for FI and I) $2400 Rehearsal dinner (maybe, still deciding if we want one) $1500 Wedding and reception (everything; flowers, food, booze, ect.) $1600 Dress with alterations $850 OOT bags $250 Groom and Groomsmen attire $200 Chip in on guests trip $1200 Photographer wedding and TTD $3300 Other random stuff like getting nails done, gifts, tips... $1000 We were trying not to spend very much at all and we are only having about 20 guests. The big one was the photographer but I was not cutting corners there
  12. So cute! I actually stayed at The Islander Resort a couple months ago and thought it would be such a perfect place to get married! I hope you had a good time
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