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  1. I would send something out asap. I sent out my invites in June/July 2012 for my January 24, 2013 wedding. I had a rsvp date of Sept 1, 2012 and payment in full was needed by September 30, 2012. We have since changed providers and this extended the payment date, so we informally delayed our RSVP date. While a couple people jumped at the opportunity, I still have some people requesting more information, and thinking about being added to our group rate. Humming and hawing because of the money. Some people have also booked outside our group rate with a different agency, and others have booked using airmiles. Many others are waiting (stupidly in my opinion) for last minute deals to come up. So be careful if your TA is requesting deposits. We were suprised how few we actually people actually booked with our group. Good Luck
  2. Thank you so much for all your help Susie! It is reassuring to hear. Sounds like more things are included that the resort makes out. Would you happen to have a picture of what the basic gazebo looks like with the seashells? It sounds simply lovely, but I could not see any pictures in the resort info. My email is maisiedaisy67@hotmail.com Cheers
  3. Does anyone know if there are any basics included in terms of decorations, table, chairs etc. Alejandro mentioned in an email that white covered chairs, and tables with white table cloths were provided for the reception. Does anyone know if the chairs are provided for the ceremony? It is kind of confusing as to where the line is drawn between what Planner1 and what the Beloved Hotel provide. In the decor booklet it lists prices for different types of chairs....so I assumed I had to pay per chair....so maybe this is only for if you decide to "upgrade" to different chair types through Planner1? There are also gazebos in both the Planner1 and the Excellence booklet. Does anyone know if there is a basic gazebos included...or are they all for a cost? Also, do they allow you to bring some of your own decorations? Sorry, for asking so many questions
  4. I have had great response from Alejandro. He often returns my emails in the same day, within the hour! Perhaps because my wedding date is closer? January 24, 2013 He quoted me $350 for the bonfire, but did not provide specific details other than that it included marshmallows. Thanks for the information Susieqt! It sounds like a good deal for $350 if they include some furniture and waiter service! Does anyone have any information on any other forms of entertainment or the activity schedule that the hotel provides? It would be nice to incorporate some other activities (whether included or for cost like the bonfire) if possible, and I am wanting to create a "schedule of events" card but this is difficult without knowing the hotel's activity schedule! Happy Planning everyone!!
  5. Finally decided 100% on The Beloved Hotel for our wedding in January 2013...still confirming that dates, but its pretty exciting
  6. I recently received an email with some pdf's from the resort. It included (1) the wedding package booklet (2) the pictures of flowers and wedding locations (3) the menu selection. I just received this last week, and the price of the unforgettable package was 1050$. There was no mention of 3500$. Although there was no mention of prices for any extras, such as the "non included flowers." Has anyone received any pricing lists for the extras....vendors, non-included decorations and flowers, and added events (i.e. rehersal dinners etc.)???
  7. Thanks Peach, whatever information you are able to provide, I will happily take! My email is maisiedaisy67@hotmail.com Its too bad really, if the resorts were more organized and transparent with all of their pricing for packages, extras etc, they probably would not get as many emails and would not be as busy! Ah well, it will all be worth it in the end
  8. Dmccamey Thanks for the links Curious also....Do you happen to have any information on packages and pricing? My email is maisiedaisy67@hotmail.com
  9. Wow what a fantastic video, sold me on the Beloved Hotel! Looking at picking a date for January 2013. Wondering if anyone would be able to send me the information they have received from the resort. I have made my request for information, and request to pick a date but so far nothing. I understand it takes time, but given my preferred date of January 2013...I don't have a lot of time to spare THANK YOU
  10. Peach! I love your positive attitude, and all your DIY ideas. I am unable to view your save-the-dates, but would LOVE to see them. Any chance you could email them? maisiedaisy67@hotmail.com
  11. Does anyone have any information packages provide by the resort that they would be willing to pass on? They do not appear to be as transparent regarding added costs as some other resorts. I would like to get an idea of what some of the extra's cost THANKS
  12. Hello brides I see a few of you are looking to get married in 2013. I am looking at picking a date between January and March 2013 sometime. I am still narrowing down resorts, but this is a top pick. Being from British Columbia I am also concerned about the lay over in Toronto. I am also concerned about the cost...but the wedding package seems reasonable compared to other resorts I have looked into. I love hearing everyone's discussion. Keep it coming. Maisie
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