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  1. I get married on 8th October so not long now. Its gone so quick. I bet you are so excited xx
  2. Hi as long as all your party have booked through the same operator you should have no problems. I booked through Thomas Cook and I am entitled to the unlimited event. However thr buffets outdoors are a minimum of 20 people and they will charge you for the difference. Unless of course you drag d some unsuspecting members of the public along for the meal lol x
  3. We havent been given our onsite coordinator yet x
  4. hey have you managed to find the "pictures of different areas of the moon palace"page and also read the reviews for the hotel; there are loads of pics of receptions on there x Congrats on your wedding date xxx
  5. Ladystardust

    Zuniga Deco Cancun - Prices

    Hi Yazmin, does that mean you would not have to pay the vendor fee? Have you got a website?
  6. Ladystardust

    Zuniga Deco Cancun - Prices

    hi are you an approved vendor for palace resorts??
  7. Ladystardust

    How fast can we newbies reach 150????!!

    lol this thread is great, its a nightmare having to continuously post to try and get a look at a file Good work girls xxx
  8. Ladystardust

    mrjdh2b MP Wedding review

    congratulations you looked amazing and thank you for a fab review did you pay any vendor fee for Marvin??
  9. Ladystardust

    Marvin is the best

    Hi Courtney, whoc decor company did you use for your starfish decorations etc???
  10. I've ordered from an outside florist, and was thinking that one of the guests can set them up for me. They will be in vases so just need to be placed on the table. I was thinking of having decorations from Zuniga who also charge $150 for set up but that's just a one off cost. I'm really fretting now that they will try and charge $500 ;(
  11. Congratulations Airica26 you looked amazing and thank you for a fantastic review
  12. Hope you have a wonderful day S-H, can't wait to see your photos
  13. Hi Charlene, we are still considering this as well as no one can give you a straight answer about what we are supposed to do. I was going to send an email to the hotel to find out what they expect us to do as I'm sure I received something saying that they do offer the translation. I know for definate they translate your wedding cert for a fee. I will get on the case and let you know what I find out x
  14. No problem, the UK stuff is a nightmare lol. When you order your b/cert from the GRO its £9.25 and can take a month to arrive
  15. No problem, the UK stuff is a nightmare lol. When you order your b/cert from the GRO its £9.25 and can take a month to arrive