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  1. Past brides: I'm leaving for my wedding in less than a week & apparently I'm the most indecisive bride. I haven't figured out yet what I exactly want to do with the table centerpieces and linens. Do they give you options to choose from beside the standard arrangements & white linens that you can pay for? I guess I'm wondering if I get to see the different options or if they will have some pictures with ideas from past weddings? Thanks!
  2. I can't believe how many different answers they are giving everyone! They told us we had to have 40 people to reserve the pool deck, not 60. We may be a few people under the 40 & they have never clearly said yet wether or not we will have to make up the difference. Do you guys know if the price per person for the reception is cheaper if you use the seaside grill vs using the pool deck or the beach? Does anyone have any pictures of the "ugly" chairs that they use that no one seems to want? Also does anyone know if the tablecloth rentals are really $35? That is what they are quoting me but on the 2012 wedding guide it says $18. One last question- any other input on wether the cocktail hour is worth it? We have been debating on wether or not to cash it in to apply to our additional guest dinners. We are considering sending everyone to the beach bar in between the ceremony & reception & having the mariachi band perform at the beach bar. I've heard other brides that are considering the same thing, but I'm wondering if it will work out with 40 of us. Thanks for all of your help!
  3. Thank you for such a great review! I've got a question regarding the seaside grill... We currently have the pool deck reserved for 40 people. Do you know if they charge you less to reserve seaside grill than the pool deck per person? I don't have much info on seaside grill so if you guys have any other pictures or info you could tell me I would appreciate it. It may already be reserved so I may not have the option to switch. Also have any of you rented a car while you are down there? We are considering renting one for a couple if days to run errands & possibly to visit tulum. Just curious if anyone else has rented one & how safe it is. Thanks!
  4. Thank you guys for all of the info! I was glad to see some info on the wedding music! We had just been discussing it & you guys had some great ideas. I've got another question to throw out there... We are considering booking a private catamaran cruise for our guests that would take us out for 3-4 hours & provide cocktails & take us snorkeling. We have around 40 people. We have looked into a couple if different companies & we were trying to decide how big of a catamaran we would actually need. We are wondering if the 40 person catamaran would actually be too tight of a fit for everyone. Have any of the past brides done this? If so how was your experience & do you happen to remember charges or company recommendations? We really didn't want to book the typical tours where you are gone for most if the day, and we are trying to figure out if it is worth it to do it knowing transportation & everything has to be arranged also. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks- meg
  5. Can someone please give me the email address for dj Mauricio? The one the resort gave me is not working & the other address I found they are not responding to. Also do any past brides have any suggestions on which buffet they liked? We have around 40 people on the pool deck.
  6. Thanks girls! I've been emailing the resort. Can you guys give me Anel's email? We leave Mexico on the 17th.
  7. Thank you!!! We are getting married dec14! So we will see you down there! I've sent emails to try & reserve Anel, but we haven't heard anything back. I'm glad you told me about the sunset issue! It sounds like we may have similar plans. I'm hoping the beach bar idea works! Thanks for your help!!!
  8. I know I've seen it posted somewhere before, but does anyone know the size of the round and/or rectangular tables that they use on the pool decks? I just can't seem to find the information. Also have any of the past brides opted out of the cocktail hour and went to the bar in the beach between the ceremony and reception? Just wondering how it worked out if anyone has done it. We were considering cashing in our cocktail hour to put towards our dinner. I was hooping we could go to the beach bar after the ceremony & also get in some group photos before the dinner. We have around forty guests so we weren't sure how it would work. Other ideas I've seen mentioned were putting cocktail hour off for a half hour or so to do pictures. Has anyone done this? If we do cocktail hour we really just did not want to miss it & the mariachi band while doing pictures, and of course we were hoping ti save some money. Ourwedding is at 4 and we weren't planning on doing any pictures together before the ceremony. Thank you guys for your help!
  9. Thanks for the info! Our wedding is dec 14 so we will definitely see some of you down there!
  10. Hello everyone! I must say I'm beyond excited that I came across this website! The wedding pics that have been posted have been absolutely beautiful! I"m getting married this December, and I am interested in any advice I can get from you guys! Other than booking our wedding date and location we have had no response from the wedding coordinators which seems to be the norm from what I'm reading. We are getting married on the beach and our reception is supposed to be on the pool deck. We are expecting around 40 guests. 1.Does anyone know if you can use the long rectangular tables instead of the round table on the pool deck? 2. I have read some reviews that past brides have used outside vendors for chairs, table linens, etc. Any input on wether it is worth the trouble? 3. I"ve read some of you have brought down your own paper lanterns for the reception. Do they charge you to hang them with lights? Just wondering if it is worth it instead of paying $10 per lantern in Mexico. 4. I wasn't planning on paying for candles on the tables, but are the hanging paper lanterns enough to light the pool deck at night for a reception? 5. Any suggestions on great DJ's and photographers? 6. I was hoping not to have to pack a lot for the welcome bags. Does anyone know if there are stores close to purchase items for the welcome bags? I would love any advice and any pictures of past weddings & receptions! Thanks- meg
  11. Hi! Thank you for your post and slide show! Your wedding looked absolutely amazing! I love your hanging rose balls that you used for the ceremony & reception! Do you remember at all what they charged for those? I've been trying to ask the wedding planner about different flower options & they just keep sending me the standard options. I wasn't sure if they would even do anything besides the standard. Are those limes in the vases at the reception & did you rent the vases also? DId you guys pay the $15 per person to have a welcome/rehearsal dinner & if so where was it & was it worth it?? Also did you guys use rent the sound system for the beach wedding ceremony or any other music venue? Did you have to come up with wedding ceremony music? Any additional advice you may have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you- meg
  12. Thank you for posting the information and pics from your wedding! It looked absolutely amazing! I'm also concerned with the weather & I hate the idea of being moved to a conference room, but after reading your post I feel better about the situation. I loved the hanging rose balls that you used for your ceremony & reception! May I ask you if you remember how much they charged you for those? I'm getting married in December & I've tried asking them about different flower options & they just keep sending me the standard options without pricing. I wasn't sure if they would do anything outside of the standard options. What were in the vases that you used to hold the rose balls for the reception? Did you rent those also? Thanks again & any suggestion you have are greatly appreciated!
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