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  1. You could put "your presence is presents enough" so they know its not necessary to bring a gift
  2. Guys I just got married!! Paradisus is the best and Miguelina handled everything for me she was great! Here are some pics The place I got ready at was the bridal suite and I had the reception in a ball room because we wanted ac
  3. LoriOlivia, They just list it as Gabi Beach but I'll have to email them. Thank you so much for the info that was confusing! At least now I have a clue of some sort lol. Thanks Again! Kristyny2
  4. Hi LoriOlivia, Congrats on your beautiful wedding!! And thanks for all the info I'm actually getting married in 1 month 4/4! Were having our welcome cocktail party at the Gabi Restaurant too and I was wondering if you might have taken any pictures of the actual site because my romance planner didn't have any pictures avaiable. Thanks a bunch, Kristen
  5. Do any of you ladies have any pictures of your weddings? I'm getting married there on April 4, 2013 so if you don't mind posting you're pics that would be much appreciated! I'm so excited to see all the different pictures! Thanks, Kristen
  6. I'm Getting married in Punta Cana too! Were doing it on April 4th 2013 in Paradisus Punta Cana the coordinators there are great so far! I was looking at majestic elegance but they didn't my date but they seem great too.
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