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  1. Hey Ladies! My FI and I want to have a welcome cocktail party--for about 45 of our 60 guests who will have the energy to get together for drinks the Thursday before our wedding (Sat.). Do you think it's possible for us to just meet up at a bar after dinner? Are all of the bars open every night? Any recommendations? I haven't been on this site for a while and I'm trying to catch up on the chatter. Otherwise the planning is going well I am trying to choose my reception theme/decorations. There are soooo many options out there yikes.
  2. Wowzers! In the county we are getting in (MD) we can go to the circuit court just sign the legal papers for marriage and forego taking an oath (i.e. civil ceremony). So when we do the symbolic ceremony we can take our vows and that is legit to me. Oh and it's $70.
  3. Oh my three locations are the Garden Gazebo, Plaza Colonial and Olympus Terrace.
  4. I don't think this is true. I am using three different locations. If you look at photos of other weddings on this thread--you will see three different venues. But, the folks in Miami change things up all of the time. Theresa, helped us pick our three locations.
  5. I'm not reserving the bridal suite--I read on a few other reviews on this site that the $300 is better spent elsewhere (my planner agreed). We are staying on at a Reserve Master one bedroom and have champagne and food brought there for my wedding party. Also I don't feel like transporting my stuff all around--I just want to have everything in one place. We are hiring Reno and Renaud at Photo Souvenir--they have shot some beautiful weddings at the Palma Real, their pics have a photojournalistic aesthetic and their equipment is pretty good.
  6. Yes! Rock the gown! I have a full wedding gown too and I know I will be blazing hot! My second dress is also a gown that I was too in love with--it should be a bit cooler thought than the ceremony gown. I have to figure out when and where I will change. I want to do my first dance in the gown that I take my vows in, but after that--that thing is coming off!
  7. EVKnowsitall has such an upbeat energy and gives great practical advice.
  8. Wow! You are on fire! Would you mind posting a list of what you bought?
  9. I love your board--the colors are great. I love the fashion. I am also wearing a different reception gown.
  10. Congrats! I am getting married at Paradisus Palma Real this year. I have a really good travel agent--but with whoever you choose make sure you negotiate (free transfers, children 4 under free, free nights for you and a free cocktail party). It's a bit early so I don't know if rates for April 2014 have been posted yet. My agent is Jennifer Gabriel at Dreamer's Travel (Apple Vacations Affiliate): Jennifer@dreamerstravel.com Office: 410-239-9424 Toll Free: 877-249-9424 Fax: 410-374-6400 www.dreamerstravel.com
  11. Thanks for your review. My FI and I are hoping they're available for our wedding.
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