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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by TealMarie Wow, you're one month away, that's exciting! I just emailed Gloria about the exact same thing so if I hear anything first I'll let you know. We're looking at having a rehearsal dinner and as far as I read on here from previous brides it does cost more (I think it was $20/pp) as it's a private event and the restaurants there won't take tables of more than 4 or maybe it's 8 people. I'm sure there's someone on here who can help us out though with the specifics. Are you all ready for the wedding? Any last minute things to get done? I feel like my list keeps growing, but we're 2 1/2 months out (and I keep putting certain tasks off). TealMarie and Mateika, First of all, congratulations to you both! I had a welcome dinner at Toscana the Italian restaurant. It was a semi-private event so it did not cost us extra. We had two long table set up in the back of the restaurant and if other people from the resort wanted to eat there they were seated in the front and were not in the way of pictures or any of my guests. I believe Mayla told me this type of event could be provided for 25-30 people. I had 35 and asked her if she would be able to still accommodate it so we wouldn't have to pay the $20 per person for a private event- she contacted the the catering manager and they agreed. I think they're pretty flexible so that is also an option you can look into if you have a small number of guests. I did not have a rehearsal because Mayla also told me she would be there to guide all my guests, which she did and we had no problem at all. Hope that helps and congratulations again!
  2. TealMarie, I'm not sure if they will get the hydrotherapy pool tour if they do a first treatment. However, I do know that if they upgrade to stay in the Excellence Club, they will automatically get the hydrotherapy tour.
  3. Mandy I hope your wedding day is all you imagine and more- enjoy it!! Best of luck :-)
  4. You looked beautiful Trisha! Can't wait to see more pictures :-). I think you are completely right about changing resorts and I completely forgot to add that to my review. My husband and I were there 11 days- we had two days to ourselves before the wedding and we should have had 6 to ourselves after the wedding. After telling a few family members to please respect we were on our honeymoon it was okay- but we kept running into people especially at night. I would recommend going to another resort too and we are planning on doing another honeymoon perhaps for our one year anniversary.
  5. Thank you TealMarie! Elias at the spa did my hair and makeup- it was amazing my makeup didn't come off all night. Considering I have very straight hair- my curls lasted too. We had a nice breeze in the foyer and they provided two large fans as well. I'm sure you're wedding will be beautiful!! Make sure you enjoy it- it goes by so fast!! Let me know if you have any questions at all :-)
  6. Thank you KayLynn! You looked absolutely gorgeous as well! I love your pictures and I was actually on the beach during your ceremony and you all looked beautiful! I can't wait to get all of my professional pics back either. Congratulations to you as well!!
  7. Hi Ladies! I have attached a few pictures taken by my photographer, the resort photographer and friends and family! I only got the 24 photos by the resort photographer and I really liked them. I believe they have a number of people taking pictures so you never know who you're going to get. I know before I left the reviews for the resort photographer weren't that great and that's why I didn't go with them for the entire wedding. For all of you ladies going down soon- just breathe, stay calm and I'm sure it will be beautiful!
  8. Hi Ladies! I had my wedding here last Friday (I'm actually still here until tomorrow but couldn't wait to post a review) and it was amazing! I really could not have asked for better service or better wedding. All of my 35 guests had an amazing time and kept saying it was the best wedding they have been to. My wedding planner, Mayla was great. The box that I shipped was someone in Cancun and would not have been delivered for two weeks and she graciously picked up for us. She was extremely helpful before, during and after the wedding. My hair and makeup were great- I had my hair down and curled- very simple. I loved my makeup. I used the Derma Doctor wipes to prevent sweating and they makeup artist used waterproof makeup- I cried ALOT and my makeup did not smudge at all. I had my Welcome Dinner at Toscana (the Italian restaurant) with a set menu. It was semi-private so that way we didn't have to pay the $24 per person for a private event. They were extremely accommodating and great about changing my dinner time. It was supposed to be at 5:30 and got changed to 7:00 on the same day because some of my guests had had flight delays and would not get to the resort on time. My ceremony was on the beach and it was perfect- the officiant stood in the back as to not get in the way of the photographs and only came in the front when we had to sign the paperwork. It was short and sweet and to the point. My cocktail hour on the pier was great too- we had the mariachi band. The food and drinks were awesome. We didn't even have a signature drink but the bartenders made one for us. The reception was in the Foyer- I was going to have it in Barcelona but changed it last minute to the Foyer because I thought it was nicer after seeing Barcelona. It looked beautiful and we had a nice breeze coming in. My wedding planner (Mayla) provided us with two huge fans as well because the dance floor was a bit hot. The food was delicious. The only thing I also noticed was that nobody got to eat the cake. I was asked if I wanted it passed out with the dessert and I said yes but my guests said they never got it. That would be my only complaint. A quick review about the resort: Everyone we have talked to at the resort and our family and friends have said this is the best resort they have stayed at. The service is outstanding, the food is great (our favorites were Spice the Asian restaurant, the French restaurant and Mexican restaurant). We are leaving tomorrow but have been here for 10 days and they have been great! My only two complaints are that there is no 24 hr pool- they close at 8pm and there is no restaurant or cafe open 24/7- but there is room service. I hope you all have wonderful wedding days- enjoy it..it goes by so fast! Let me know if you have any questions at all! I will post some pictures when I get home this weekend!
  9. Congratulations!! You look gorgeous! Have a wonderful time and enjoy your honeymoon! I'll be there in less than two weeks !
  10. That's so exciting!! I hope your wedding day is all you/your fiance have imagined/wish for and more!!
  11. JessicaC07- you look gorgeous and your wedding looks like it was a lot of fun! Thanks for posting all of the information- definitely helps a lot! I was wondering if any of you ladies shipped anything to the resort before your wedding if you already have or if you're planning on shipping anything there. I will be shipping a box with things I'll be using for centerpieces and I'm nervous it won't be there in time or that it will be super expensive.
  12. We have 38 guests so we're doing two long tables and our sweetheart table. Have no idea what songs we'll be using yet! I actually just emailed Mayla at the resort to ask about the bar for the reception. I will get back to you once she replies
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