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  1. yes from what i understand, half is 60 guest or less, one side 1500$, other side is the same...there is 2 circles so even if guest on the other side, its still seperated by a middle section and fencing. you get service for 2 hours about, starting at 7pm for this restaurant, but you have the area till 11pm. One interesting thing the hotel just got back to me with, is that if you wanna bring your own liquor (for your own open bar!!!) they charge you 15$ + tx US per bottle... instead of per hour per person... this might be lots cheaper if you don't mind serving yourselves! just an idea anyhow!
  2. lol i just figured it out!!! in the box where you type, there is a series of icons on top, 8th one from left lets you upload! for some reason though i put 20, and its not here now ;( wonder what i did wrong! If you have facebook, add me to your contacts, you will see the whole album (claudine1@sympatico.ca)
  3. Figured it out... here's the room the beach gazebo...the only issue here is that other guest are litteraly sitting in their bathing suits a few meters away the other gazebo, even though its next to the main avenue, others guest are accross it to watch (where i took the picture) and other side is beautiful grass and vegatation... the lobby outside... there is actually this section plus in the loundge area and also deep inside with a roof but open air as the side are open... didn't take a picture inside sorry the side-entrance of lobby... can't see much here though... one side of the pisces (you can rent one or 2 sides) the middle entrance the inside inside as they started to set up a wedding, there was the head table at back and 7 round tables... (the chairs get covered in white) the bbq a la carte (the one that sits up to 120 i believe, buffet style, share with other guests or 3000$ private) papayas are lower and not attached so rain can be an issue! the inside air conditionned one, up to 40 guests (i think 1000$ unsure as we have too many guest for this one) there is 2, the lady said they look the same... one half on the disco, there is a bar on top and another on the other side I have more of vegetation, pool, beach, jacuzzi area etc if you need, let me know
  4. sorry about the typos, i wrote to fast... im sure you can make it up though!
  5. Hi there! I did have the steak actually... It definately wasn't terrible, just not your uscale steak. I didn't try the el pescador restaurant but reviews says their steak is very good... not sure if it's the same or not... but overall, the meal just wasn't great. We like the italian (friends stuffed chicken breast) don pablo (steak and duck) santa fee (mexican) and los olivos (chicken supreme). Garden grill is not bad, we just didnt enjoy this one like the others As for construction, it is there and i believe it supposed to be completed in december. Its not in the actual section were you stay, it accross a fence as they are expending the esmeralda (new rooms yay!!!!). To be honest, i didnt hear one person complain and never heard it really! You pretty much see it if you take the trolley down to the lobby and look to the side. If you take the 2 other trolleys(there are 3 lines), you dont see it. the looby bar at the esmeralda closes at 12, then you have the disco from 12 to 2 unsure about other lobbys as the esmeralda serve top brands free so we drank there! I'm new to this site, were to i post my pictures??
  6. Hi ladies! I just returned from the Esmeralda to visit the resort for my wedding in summer 2013... the resort is gorgeous. i'm quite picky... The terrace on the beach (there is 2, one a la carte bbq with the papayas that don't cover everywhere so if the rain, disaster) is a buffet style get your own food. 3000$ to rent privately, free if you don't mind sharing with the guests and serving yourselves. The other one, pisces, seats up to 60 on one side (1500$) or 120 if you get both sides (3000$). The menu you can choose from is mediterrenian - el pescador, garden grill (our experience wasn't great there though) and the mexican (awesome but a wedding type meal? not sure...). We have allergies as well and was told a special menu would be provided for these people and vegetarians. I know that the mediterrenian also has a steak...There are both located near the beach and main pool witch is very beautiful at night (pisce right next to it) and that pool closes at 6 or 6:30, so does the bar... this mean you are far far away from a bar. the Esmeralda lobby. witch serve international drink (punta cana and bavaro sides you need to pay for them) has a nice rectangular shape. If you come in there with a group, you can pretty much rule over and have a party there with the bartender. Maximo is an awesome one by the way!!! You'll have to plan for an ipod and speakers for a little music cause its very low there but i think it's your best bet if you don't wanna pay for an open bar. They charge 10$ per hour per person for national and 18$ per hour per person for internationnal drinks! ouch.... be careful though, if you have guest that stay at the punta cana or bavaro, they can attend ceremony and reception but not enter the Esmeralda lobby bar! Also the disco is quite big for a resort one and jams from 12 to 2 am at the other end of the resort, national drinks are included Hope this helps! If you have any questions, i will be happy to help, i took a lot of pictures of the wedding areas and the resort! Claudine
  7. Hello! I see you seem to have quite a bit of knowlage with weddings and all that comes with it at the Turquesa and Coral hotel... Can you guide me to where i can get all the info on packages? My fiance and I are looking for an easy going but pretty reception in the caribbean and we love Mexico. I need to find a location quickly as we will be heading up for a vacation end of the summer and would like to visit where we will do it for the following summer. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Claudine
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