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  1. I think Kittyinheels is one of the very few dresses that hasn't met the quality expectations and I think it's mainly coz of the sheer simplicity of the dress. The fact that there is no ruching, embellishments (except for the neckline) and the type of fabric they used just makes all flaws even more obvious. Like PP have stated, weddingbee has lots of reviews of Jasmine's bridal Shop. Here are links to a few: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/jasmines-bridal-shop-china-dresses-part-iii http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/jasmines-bridal-shop-china-dresses-part-ii/page/13 http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/jasmines-bridal-shop-china-dresses http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/travelling-to-suzhou-in-search-of-the-dress
  2. The sash will make the difference! I look frumpy without the sash on with my dress.
  3. Yep it looks frayed to me also. It looks like they've attempted eyelash lace. If theyfixed that, it would be perfect! Sooo excited for you
  4. I think they def can. Have you looked at their website for examples: http://www.jasminesbridalshop.com/index.php?task=productlist&classid=16
  5. I didn't know what a blusher was either until I started researching veils. If you're getting a two tier veil, it's the piece of tulle that goes over your head and covers your face:
  6. This is my raw edge chapel length veil with removable blusher: I think i prefer it without the blusher though: I'll have to see though- FI is really set on lifting the veil
  7. That is gorgeous! I wish I chose that for my dress. The beading is a little chunkier than the original but I prefer it.
  8. James has fixed the problems and my dress looks fricken perfect now. I'm a very happy girl I'll post pics when I get my dress
  9. Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it! I told James to leave it at premium grade, asked if adding the extra band of tulle will "flatten" that side of the dress and asked him to send the next pics on a proper mannequin. If he says no to the extra band, then i might ask him to send me extra fabric so that I can get it done by a seamstress in Australia.
  10. Sorry-I wasn't clear. The quote about the 90-95% accuracy for premium grade was sent by Candy to me when I enquired about the differences in premium vs designer grade before placing the order. I agree with what you say about accuracy. It did not even cross my mind until James wrote that I should upgrade to designer. That's what irked me the most. This was my original email to him: "Hi James, Thanks for the pictures. The dress looks much better than before but I still have issues with it. When I showed my mum the pics the first thing she said is " The dress is uneven!" I have attached pictures labelled a, b, c, d, which demonstrate the issues listed below: A) The ruching on the bodice is messy. The folds are loose and are scrunched up. What is causing this? Issues B, C and D are related Skirt is still uneven: Left side of skirt on dress (right in pic) is higher Right side of skirt (left in pic) is longer. C) There is more tulle volume on the top left side of the skirt (right in pic). D) Back right of skirt (left in pic) is still higher and has more volume than the other side E) As B,C, and D are related, if we "trim" the skirt back so that it's shape is like the mid production photos (but keep the rosettes), will this make the dress more even/not crooked/balanced? Please let me know if you need me to clarify. I just don't want people to see my dress and say it looks crooked." I think I should have just emailed him "skirt is lopsided, please fix" and I may have gotten a better answer rather than please upgrade to designer!
  11. Ok, I'm actually a little bit peeved at the moment. I sent James an email asking them to correct it and this is what I got back this morning: The reasons for the unevenness for the bottom are due to: The dress is not put on perfectly symmetrical. 1 side is slightly lower than the other side, because the skirt is heavy and pulls down on the mannequin since the mannequin isn't exactly your size. We had to make the transition from bodice to skirt more natural, like in attached photo, and you can see that the original is not even as well. Please note that the craftsmanship grade you have purchased is Premium Grade, and there will be differences from the original - approximately 10-20%. We can make some more improvements to the skirt's evenness, but besides that we really don't know what else we can do to make it perfectly symmetrical and smoothly transitioned like the photo you have sent us. If you wish to upgrade the craftsmanship to Designer Grade (55%) extra, we can keep working on it for every single detail you require to make it more like the original. The second point is what is annoying me. When I enquired about the differences in premium vs designer craftmanship, this is what I got: "Production accuracy: items we sell are all hand-made and cannot be 100% exactly like the items in the photos. Just like hand-painted pictures, painting the same image twice can never be exactly the same. Each listing is for producing an item which is about 90-95% like the item in the photos we have provided (Premium Grade), and you can upgrade to 98-99% of accuracy in the Grade of Service option for most items. Before production, you must provide additional photos of the items if you have them available, as we only work according to what we can see in the photos. For what we cannot see or cannot see clearly, we will have to improvise according to the rest of the item design which we can see. If you have any specific requirements, you must inform us prior to production to avoid any possible alteration fees." So basically I've been misled about the craftmanship accuracy and the fact that in the previous email he stated that I should not worry as he will make the dress the way I want it. Not happy
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