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  1. Hi all I just posted a few of my photos on my profile. I hope they help!
  2. Hi Amanda, I flew on United Airlines - but was also very worried about how to travel with my dress. Luckily the flight wasn't full and when they found out I had a wedding dress coming - they reserved some space in the overhead bin where I could lay it out doubled in half. I didn't bring any other carry on items besides my purse because I was also really nervous about how it would work. My advice in general - is don't stress too much - I think that airlines are pretty used to destination wedding brides travelling with gowns and they'll help you out when it comes down to it. Everybody will be more helpful because you are a bride to be and weddings are such important events! Just look like you are going to cry if they don't help you. And THEN turn bridezilla - LOL.
  3. As long as all her guests book their rooms right away - they should be fine - and your room blocking will help. I didn't use the hotel photographer. I hired Samuel Luna and thought his prices were SUPER reasonable. He even discounted his package costs because AB charges an $800 outside vending fee. http://www.samuellunablog.com/ I will get my photos on Friday - really looking forward! The DJ had a bubble machine and I think they did have props - but honestly I don't remember - maybe my pics will show. I'll let you know when I see them.
  4. It is version II - my hubby doesn't think it makes a difference. We didn't bring a microphone but looking at the back of the bose speaker - there is a line-in for a mic. We didn't have toasts until the main reception so we didn't need anything but music for the pre-party we were using them for.
  5. We purchased a Bose- I think it was this one: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Bose%AE+-+SoundLink%AE+Wireless+Mobile+Speaker+II+-+Dark+Gray/6449688.p?id=1218737492901&skuId=6449688&ref=06&loc=01&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=6449688&extensionType={adtype}:{network}&s_kwcid=PTC!pla!{keyword}!{matchtype}!{adwords_producttargetid}!{network}!{ifmobile:M}!{creative}&gclid=CIaTvc3XsbYCFW7hQgodxjgAAw There was a sale at Best Buy at the time which is why we bought it. We were also considering the Jawbone.The sound was loud enough - we had also thought about bringing 2 stereo speakers and syncing them - but we didn't end up doing that because of luggage constraints.
  6. Yay I'm so glad it was helpful info! The discount the hotel offered me and my guests was 30%. Not a bad discount! I didn't notice that the spa was in high demand and since there is only one wedding a day I think your chances are pretty good. Also - I didn't have a lot of people who wanted to get their hair or makeup done. If you have a lot of ladies who want to get their hair and makeup done - that might change how you think about it. The hotel didn't give us a list of guest rooms - but we also didn't ask for one.
  7. We used our portable blue tooth speaker and hooked it up to our ipad for music. It worked just find - and we figured it would be better than renting their equipment because we could keep it and use it in the future for parties.
  8. Hi - I had a guest who stayed outside the resort. She was able to be in the guest room and I don't think they were super strict about the 8 hour policy. Also - someone asked about shipping costs. I didn't ship anything and ran into a bride at the airport who had. She was having a terrible time because she had been alerted that her two boxes of decorations were being held up at customs for the second time. Eeek! Sounded terrible!
  9. Hi there - I used my free reservation for 25 guests for a farewell dinner and it was sweetly decorated. They had nice table cloths and table jewels and candles. Also - I had an informal brunch on the day of the wedding before getting ready and I really liked it. We all just showed up at the main Azul restaurant - they were very accommodating. There were 9 of us altogether. I did my own makeup and thought I did great - I used Benefit and asked the person there to help teach me how to use their products. I don't use makeup either - so I had a lot to learn - and I think it came out well. I highly recommend false eyelashes - and practicing beforehand! I gave the DJ a list of all my songs - to play in the order the DJ thought best. It was a lot of work - I asked my hubby to work on it and then I edited it with the help of my friend who is a DJ. My advice is to get specific about what you are looking for if your fiance helps out. I wrote some other advice and a review if you want to check out more: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/azul-beach-hotel-by-karisma-all-inclusive/reviews/7100 My itinerary in case helpful: Wedding day: 9am: Breakfast w/Bridesmaids @ Blue International Restaurant. 10:30am: Break! 11:30am: Hair 1:45pm: Bridal party met up in my room - makeup, get dressed 3pm: bridal party pics 3:45pm: Assemble for the big entrance. 4:00pm: Ceremony 4:30: Pictures 5:45pm - 6:30pm: Tacos and mayhem at the Wave Lounge 6:30pm - Reception and Dinner begins. 7:15pm Toasts 8:50PM Cake 10:30pm: Over
  10. Hi everyone, I was married in February at Azul Beach. It was so fantastic! I was really nervous beforehand, because I didn't feel secure that the wedding coordinator had really shared the information with the hotel. It is hard to plan a wedding from so far away! Well I have to say - that for all the stressing that I did - everything felt a MILLION times better after we arrived at the hotel and met with the wedding staff at the hotel. I was worried for instance that the DJ might not have my obscure father daughter dance song. The wedding staff immediately called the DJ and confirmed for me that he did have it. Some of my biggest concerns The DJ: I did not hire an outside DJ - too much money! The hotel's DJ package was fantastic and they were very accommodating. I had sent them a list of songs we liked - more than necessary - and let them know they could play whichever songs from the list that they wanted. They did an excellent job of keeping everyone on their feet dancing. They also hit all our cues right on time. Guests enjoying the hotel: It was AMAZING. Beautiful. The beach is lovely and there were plenty of activities on the beach for people to enjoy. The restaurants were great - I recommend ordering off the menu at the sushi restaurant - ask for what you want! Special dietary needs: My step father has a very intense dietary need and one of my guests is allergic to nuts. The executive chef met with both to work with them so that they would be okay at the various restaurants and on the day of the wedding. Amazing once again! Set up: My sister offered to help set up the decorations on the day of the wedding - to help make sure the staff got it right. In the end - that didn't make any sense because they set up pretty close to the wedding start time. In the end it didn't matter anyway, because they did it just perfectly. Everything I asked for - they did. The dress: The boutique that I bought my dress from correctly recommended that I carry the dress as a carry-on. The flight crew was really sweet and reserved some overhead bin space for my dress. I think they are used to destination weddings. Azul terrace guest #: We were told that AB is really strict about the minimum guest number (50). I had 48 at one point and was still told this was not sufficient. In the end at the last minute my guest count dropped to 44. When I met with the on-site coordinators to go over all the wedding details - they didn't even bat an eye about my guest count. I was able to have my reception at Azul terrace. It really is such a lovely location. Hiccups: Spa service: I highly recommend that you NOT make any of your spa reservations in advance - hair or makeup. They will offer you and your guests a discount that will not be valid if you make your reservation in advance. It is really really annoying and they will not budge on this. So wait for the offer to come in after you arrive and after you meet with the on-site coordinators and then make your appointments for hair, makeup, and massages. Weather: On one of the evenings, it rained, and my beach bonfire was drowned out. We were moved to the tequila lounge. Not so bad - and our guests were still happy. Advice Decorations and guest treats: Don't ship your decorations! I met another destination wedding bride at the airport and she was telling me that her 2 shipped boxes were being held up at customs for the second time in a row. We were able to pack decorations, guest treats, and our personal belongings in 4 suitcases. We asked one of our guests to bring one of the suitcases to AB and then one home with whatever was left and my dress packed up so we could travel for honeymoon with a lighter load. We also made a wedding newsletter for all our guests along with valentines for them since it was around Valentines Day. Note: delivery to guests' rooms was $4 per room. Welcome dinner or farewell dinner: We opted for a farewell dinner after the wedding. Honestly, we could have done without it. It could have been nicer to simply have a casual meeting at one of the bars so people could opt in or opt out. Outings: It was easy for people to plan tours to Chichin Itza and Xel-ha etc. I wish I had spent a little more time helping my parents get in on one of those tours. I on the other hand was happy to simply be at the hotel the whole time. I hope this info helps! Feel free to ask me questions.
  11. Hi Amanda! It would be so wonderful to see the layout! Also I was told that Azul Beach is super strict about a min requirement of 50 people in order to be able to host the reception at Blue Terrace. Even at 48 guests I was told I probably wouldn't be able to. Any tips on how to navigate? Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone! I'm wrapping up the planning process! My wedding is on Feb 16th and I'll be going out there on the 13th. Everyone's comments have been so incredibly helpful - from table measurements to makeup tips. (I'll be doing my own!) If anyone has any questions or wants me to take specific pics when I go - let me know.
  13. Thank you! That is a great photo! I'll have to ask about the wave lounge. I checked with my WC re: guest min and max but I will check again! Samuel! I look forward to working with you as well! Your photos are AMAZING!
  14. Hi everyone! I am booked for February 16, 2013 at Azul Beach. I love the 2013 thread you all have started! I have booked a wedding rehearsal marshmallow bonfire, the ceremony on the beach, farewell dinner at one of their restaurants, and Samuel Luna as the photographer. My friend will do my hair - guess I still need to find makeup vendor. Also crossing my fingers about the hotel DJ - sounds like I need to check out the vendor you all mentioned! Also can't figure out where to have the reception after the wedding! The pictures of the sites that I was provided weren't very helpful. I have approx 35 guests - too many for many of the places and too little for the Azul Terrace that I thought looked nice. Someone else who was married at another resort in the area said she had the reception on the beach, but all the food arrived cold, so she didn't recommend it. My choices seem to be the Blue Restaurant or the ballroom. Any advice on which might be better is welcome!!! Thank you ladies!
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