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  1. Hi ladies, I just reviewed Ocean Photo as a vendor, please be wary of my experience, I cannot recommend them: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/ocean-photo-studio/reviews/7717
  2. Thanks laura. Its costing more than we expected already so I hope there wont be too much more when were there!!
  3. Thanks Laura, after quite a big push they have agreed to 11pm too, I'm surprised at how inflexible they are being. Can I ask were you required to pay the full balance before you arrived?
  4. Hi all, did anyone who has already had their wedding at moon palace have the outdoor reception past 10pm?
  5. Hi Michelle15, have u been assigned your moon palace coordinator as yet? I was told by the miami office to call moon palace but i'm having no joy getting in touch with anyone. i also want to confirm my locations for next year.
  6. hey ladies, i've been following the 2012 brides to try & gather some info! have you been assigned a coordinator as yet? i did have a Miami one but it looks like we should only get on-site ones now - does anyone know anymore about this??
  7. Hi, i love your setup for the reception - please can you tell which terrace you had it on? I'm confused about which to choose!! thanks
  8. Great to know catwomen, Joannis is my coordinator for my 2013 wedding and so far has been very good and responsive - thanks
  9. it's no problem. i've resent & it seems to have worked - let me know if you havent received anything!
  10. i'm getting an error from the email provided above, is it correct?
  11. Hi Yes of course i'll send you the info I have in an email shortly.
  12. hi, i'm getting married at MP next May & they told me as long as you book this year you get the credits for next year x
  13. Hi Stefn1218, i'm also a 2013 bride (may) and also new to the forum! I've actually booked my wedding direct with MP and they have assigned me my wedding coordinator who is Joannis. So far she's been really good, it takes her maybe 3-4 days to reply however as we're 11 months away still, I think this is reasonable & she usually answers all my questions. The best way i've found to get hold of anyone at MP is via email. Joannis has confirmed my date & sent me the price listings per person for the ceremony & per table for the reception etc. I'm not completely sure on my guest numbers yet so i can only approximate. I also want to have the ceremony on the beach - please let me know if you find out if you have a choice of an area of beach as i'm yet to find out! Not sure if i've been of any help - as i say i'm new to all this
  14. This is a review of:

    Ocean Photo Studio


    Pros: None
    Cons: lost our photos, unorganised, unprofessional
    We used Ocean Photo for our wedding at Moon Palace on May 30th earlier this year as they were recommended by the coordinator. They didn't tell us on the day or during the rest of our stay but it turns out they lost half of our photos. They even had the cheek to send the albums out starting at the ceremoney (no getting ready sessions, horse & carriage or ceremony entrance) & not even say anything. It took them 3 months after our wedding for them to admit they had lost them. Obviously I wa
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