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  1. Hi Tashena... Do you mind sharing your playlist ... And which open bar choice did you choose?
  2. I wanted to know how many of you guys paid to reserve to get the entire bottom half the of the restaurant and was it worth it. Just trying to make sure that we are not spending any extra money.
  3. To Past and Future Brides.... Can you please give me ideas on some of the activites you did or plan on doing during the week of your wedding? Like Welcome Party, Ziplining with the group, Post- Wedding Day Brunch..... and etc.
  4. Everything looks so wonderful!!! I wanted to know did she charge you for the white chairs and for the stage for the ceremony?
  5. Hello Everyone, Can someone help me understand how to wire money to Jellyfish and how much did most people send?
  6. I too want bling bling, feathers, and etc. I really want glitz and glam on the beach. Please share all the small details so I can have a little insight on what I want to do.
  7. Hello Everyone, I just received that my wedding date was locked in !!!!
  8. Hello everyone, I just got my dated locked in and I am very excited!!!
  9. Hardworking Photographers who are great and personable!!

    Pros: Quick, Pleasant, Funny, Affordable,
    I just want to say I loved Pascal and a older guy on June15, 2013. They def. made our day wonderful. They were very pleasant and easy to work with. When I first spoke with Pascal, I told him what I wanted and he was able to deliver all of my wants he removed a bad tattoo I have on my arm on just about every picture. I have so many pictures that I adore and a wonderful video that I can't stop looking at. The videographer was awesome, we didn't even know that he was recording the entire time that
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