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  1. Hello! Erica and I will be happy to visit when you come to Playa! best, Maria Ps: i would prefer Kool over Grand Coral for 200 guests: GC is way too small with the pool unless you cover it!
  2. BV is a unique location with amazing jungle around it! my fb is chef there and he will cook supremely for all of You! enjoy planning and be sure that it will be an incredible event. Day (the Events manager) is very skilled and has solved more than one emergency. Enjoy!! Maria
  3. Cube! finally a bride that thinks out of the box. I am Maria Tripaldi, proud owner of Weddingsinplaya.com, in Mexico , but in the last year i have gone to Cuba a lot to set up and branch and start doing weddings in Cuba, which I ADORE! Italian by birth, Mexican by adoption, Yet Cuban by heart!! i love this country and wish that more brides explore the possibility of such a fresh and wonderful space. I was just in Cuba and got to contact several hotels and restaurants for a Cuban wedding, check my website at www.weddingsinplaya.com Proud to help! Maria maria@weddingsinplaya.com Sponsor
  4. Oh boy! i wish i had a penny for every time i answered this question! haha.... Well, Scottsteph, you start from step 1. WHERE? Mexico is a large country , you can go up, down and all around, so you check the map and see if you prefer the rough Pacific ocean with its wonderful seas and long beaches or the Caribbean with its turquoise sea and coconut palm trees. I am in Tulum right now and this is what i see: coconuts and blue sky, but you need to explore with your fiancee and check what is most appealing to You both. Playa and Tulum are my bread and butter but you might want to step to a different destination, so explore, read the posts of other brides and especially do not buy with your eyes closed but explore, be adventurous and run and find out, like Kipling would say! I am the owner of Weddingsinplaya.com, having fun planning unique weddings in Playa and Tulum and if you need a funny advice and a 15yrs old expertise, let me know! I know it's scary: but You can do it. Maria www. weddingsinplaya.com Sponsor
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mountainchick04 It is my fiance's and I's 5 year anniversary today and he proposed. We are getting married in Mexico in one year, but still unsure of where. I am so excited to start planning. Our wedding date is set for March 11th, 2014! Mountainchick 04: funny you're getting married at the beach! You are right to be excited , it's going to be a grand Adventure! The Big divide is All Inclusive vs. Non All Inclusive and then you go find yourself a great Hotel or a great Wedding Planner. Life in Mexico is fun but planning can be confusing: I have been living here 16 yrs and I still thing that Mexican Planning is an OXYMORON!! Said that, engage your brain for a full ride on the Information Hwy and ride along, learning especially from brides who already got married! Here is an excerpt: WeddingsInPlaya is a Miracle-worker! Stop by and have fun! Maria
  6. Dear CGY, Grand Princess is a lovely Resort and the wedding will be amazing, i have done a few over there! July is very hot but with a few tricks you will be having all guests fresh (mas o menos...;-)) and very happy! 1. Do not let them wait long in the sun: make sure w you WP to have them sit 5 min before you walk in: it is painful to see invited guests sit 20 minutes under the sun waiting... 2. give plenty of Water and no alcohol before ceremony (tell you WP to prepare a case w water bottles for all or better: jamaica or lemonade) 3. Keet exposure to sun to the minumum: get married at 6 or have a sunset wedding: photos can be take before and the hot sun will be almost gone 4. Advice light colors: a black dress or suit is unbearable in this climate. Enjoy & have fun planning! Be creative w your flowers: I love cacti & succulents for bouquets... Maria
  7. Hello Amberya17! I have planned fantastic weddings in cenotes, near Tulum and Playa. Here a few photos, check them out, the spaces are incredible with so much jungle. Rental of cenote is 1000 usd, plus food and decoration. Have fun planning!! Maria
  8. Girls, I feel your pain. It is REALLY important that you state with clarity, love and respect your points of view. As a planner, i have been asked by the mother of the groom a few years ago to put a few more chairs for some friends that were not even contemplated by the couple!! I informed and they put their foot down. But - uuuh- that is a delicate issue.... family relations sometimes are tender when it comes to wedding day. Extended families and their game strategy is not always an easy game, so I am WITH you ALL : be assertive, build team with you man and all (eventually) will be well. Do not let anyone spoil your day. Maria
  9. MelissaJ: THANK YOU! I had a lot of fun planning your wedding: you guys are really incredible. Both of you have so much heart and are so much fun.... I am pleased that we both enjoyed your wedding! and send me photos of YOUR HONEYMOON! Maria
  10. Thank You Nay, all is going well and the wedding day will be amazing. May 4th is behind the corner, get ready for real fun! Maria
  11. Thank C. Erica is here with me beaming!!! thanks for your care and the amazing wedding!!! Love your dress!
  12. Mishka: you are a doll to work with; i would do it again anytime!! thank you and come back soon to Playa!! Maria
  13. Thank You Annie, it was amazing to be a part of your wedding, happy Thanksgiving!!
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