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  1. Jeez that is ridiculous! Why should you have to pay if it is an all inclusive!? I think it is bad enough we have to pay for our wedding meal! Do you know how much they charge for dinners? My plan is also to reserve that one place the morning of for the rehearsal dinner. I hope it isn't a problem.
  2. Thanks so much guys! One more question, did any of you have a rehearsal dinner or going to have one? If so where and how did that work? I'm wondering if I could just make a reservation for like 25 people at an a la carte but I'm guessing they find some way to charge for that... Ha ha. We are getting married January 6!
  3. I agree. I am getting so stressed as everything just seems to be adding up, and I feel like this is only going to get worse once I get there. I didn't do a site visit and have no idea what to expect. I feel so unprepared!!! Jana, reading your post did make me feel better though. It's nice to know you felt like it was worth it! And I'm glad to hear how beautiful it is there. A few questions not sure If anyone can answer.... How does the food work? Can you only choose one appetizer entree and dessert for all your guests? Or do they get a choice? My maid of honor is vegetarian and celiac and I'm getting worried there will be nothing for her to eat... Also, I'm nervous the reception is going to be too short. I'm having it from 6 to 9 and then have decided to pay extra for an additional hour but I'm still worried this wont be long enough. 10 pm seems so early! One more.... Where is everyone having their receptions? Right now I have mine planned for the beach but I'm wondering if this isn't the right choice... Which oter areas can we have a dinner and dance at dreams? Thanks girls... You guys have been great helps. I love coming on here and reading posts!
  4. Hey all! I am so excited too....I saw someone say centerpieces are included in the price...is this true? I was planning on bringing all my stuff down but what a pain...if not, how pricy is the decor there? Anyone know? THANKS
  5. Hello! I am marrying at dreams cancun jan 6 2013...anyboy have any info on length of reception??
  6. Hi! I am getting married at Dreams Cancun January 6 2013. Any body have any info on length of reception? Claudia was telling me my reception would be from 5-8 and I am freaking out!
  7. Hey everyone! I am getting married on january 6, 2013 at the dreams cancun...I also, am freaking out because Claudia doesnt seem to be very speedy in responding to my emails...... Can anyone tell me about the length of the reception? I think Claudia is trying to tel me my reception will be from 5-8 and im freaking! 5 is much to early to eat dinner and 8 is much to early to end my special day!!!
  8. Hey everyone! My name is Robyn and I just discovered this fabulous site. Im getting married in January at Dreams Cancun...anyone else? Or has anyone gotten married there??
  9. This is a review of:

    Disco Movil DJs

    Disco Movil ROCKS!!!

    We used Disco Movil for our wedding at Dreams Cancun in January 2013. Let me just tell you...they were absolutly amazing!!!! They knew the BEST music to play and they had my entire family and friends up and dancing the entire time.  Almost every single one of our guests commented on how they were the best DJs they had ever had, and how much fun our wedding was.   We also purchased the light up dance floor through them which was SO worth it!!!   I truely believe that disco movil made
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