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  1. I had my wedding on the beach in November and it wasn't that crowded. The wedding coordinator does get people to move..I really don't recall a lot of people around at all actually. The beach is stunning and if you found another spot on the beach I am sure the coordinator would be willing to set you up there. I do agree with the photographer about the decor. I brought all my stuff with me and had friends do up the tables/chairs etc. I did hit up etsy as well and you can find lots of good stuff on it. I brought fake flowers with me for the tables, my own ribbon for the chairs, we made our own centerpieces. You can bring very little, but make it very elegant and simple.
  2. The beach is absolutely gorgeous and your pics will be amazing. We got married 2 months ago and chose the beach and I was not a fan of any other locations. The coordinator does a good job of getting poeople to move, but you will have people watching you, but you will not notice since you are in "your" moment. The only way to get complete privacy at any all inclusive resort would be having in a restaurant that you can book out for your group. I didn't really notice the poeple..I had guest tell me that there was one couple that watched the entire ceremony, but again you are not paying attention to that..your focus is elsewhere
  3. Hi, I am getting married in 3 weeks at the resort. I too, do not understand why they need such documentation when it's a symbolic ceremony. What we did and it is working out super for us. We found a justice of the peace who give you a legal marriage statement which is all the resort needs (I sent it to Simona and her response was "excellent"), but our JOP isn't sending in the actual legal document to stats Canada until until after the official wedding. So we will be symbolically and legally married on Nov 13, 2012. I hope that helps.
  4. Have you had any luck with getting any answers to your questions since this post?
  5. Ah.. July 1, 2013...That doesn't affect me, I hope it works out for you
  6. I have a hard time to beleive that they could do this to wedding parties that already have deposits down. It really would not make sense and I sure somewhere that would have to be a way around this. This just sounds absolutely absurd. We only have 1 child coming (7 months), but I am going to e-mail my travel agent and see what it is all about. I don't have time to change resort, etc..I am 2 months away to the big day!
  7. HI, I have been trying to get different pricing for different things for the past couple months. I also want to know what I will be spending and on what. My answers are "this is the cost, but may change withouth notice" Tell me how frustrating that is! The wedding coordinator was really good at getting back to me for about 2 months and now it is taking almost 2 weeks which is slowing things down on my end. I only have 2 months left to get all the details sorted out for my wedding. We were told we could have our dinner outside (the snack area) after the wedding at 5pm. In saying that, the WC e-mailed me the other day and asked me what seating time I would like at the a la carte restaurant. I was like seriously, do you guys not write anything down to keep things straight...grrrrr..I don't want my reception inside!!
  8. My wedding is Nov 13, 2012. I have it in writing that 5pm is a go for that day.
  9. I confirmed my wedding time for 5pm more than once and they said yes to that. I wanted it to be very close to sunset. As for a DJ I am not using one, but the price that I was quoted was 1600USD. I am curious to know if they quote different people different prices. I was looking at the price list that saucypantalon wrote on here and the prices that I was quoted were quite different for the same things. I asked about wooden garden chairs-they quoted my at 700USD for 32 chairs. Again another absurdly ridiculous price for something that should be cheaper than white covered chairs.
  10. Simona who is the wedding coordinator told us that we pay when we arrive and we pay the minister 200USD cash to him! That is all that I have been told and all I can do. If you have been in touch with them and you have a confirmation e-mail, that should do it, or so we all hope. But I agree, yes it would make sense to put a deposit down so you know for sure they know you are coming on your reserved date..
  11. I am trying to get prices of extras. I actually called the resort and talked to the wedding coordinator. She was very helpful, the only thing however is that the e-mail she gave me to directly deal with her does not seem to work. She told me to send pictures of what I wanted, etc, because I do not want tropical flowers or colors for my wedding, and she said they will look at the pics and see what they can do. I will post when I hear back. If I don't hear back within a week, I will be picking up the phone and talking to them once again. FYI-reception can be held outside.
  12. I received the wedding packages a couple of weeks ago and this DEFINITELY was not in any of the wedding packages. I too have asked to have a reception outside, but have not heard back from them on this! Have you had luck with getting responses to your questions. Looks like I am getting married a week before you!
  13. I have my confirmation date, however I have e-mailed them twice in the last 3 weeks and so did my TA with no answer back to any of our questions. We too want to know extra cost of certain things!
  14. Hi There, I am getting married here in November 2012. Could you relay your experience once you get back in June for the rest of us out there looking and scouring the internet for all things wedding at Cayo! Any tips, things you loved or things you would change would be great to know. Thanks
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