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  1. Hi ladies! I haven't posted in a while!!! I am glad to know that the weddings have been great and I love seeing all te pics So I got my wedding certificate from BBPD this week, does anyone know what I need to do with it to make it valid in the US? Or is it already valid? Do I have to get remarried by the court here again? I have no idea what's next! Thanks!
  2. Hi Natalieblev I think if you pick "tropical flowers" the bouquets are 30.... I had yellow lilies and some green little flowers (no idea of the name LOL) and they were 30... Thanks
  3. Hi NettyD I used Apple... for me the biggest advantage was that they provided airport-hotel transfers and I was able to keep track of guests who were going easily....they arrival dates and times as well another big advantage was that I got a BIG discount for myself.. I think it was around 1,500 because of the amount of guests that paid for half of our honeymoon.
  4. hi Parrish! I borught it with me! I got it on etsy from butterfly enchantress.... they have beutiful flowers!!! they are handmade and look real
  5. Hi girls! I forgot to mention! You get a wifi code as a club premium guest and you can share this code! Also, you can get as many codes as you want! So my husband and I asked for 4 and have it to some of our friends and family... The other club premium guests do the same so almost everyone had wifi! The wifi gets disconnected when you aren't using it so you have to keep logging in but at least you can communicate somehow! Also, here is the video! It is long because it has part o the ceremony! We didn't get te gold video package bc the husband felt weird being recorded while he got ready lol https://www.dropbox.com/s/bgzvms3c6hzv1x9/Boda%20Barcelo%20Deluxe%20-%20Marzo%2023%20-%20Diana%20and%20Andres%20HD.mp4
  6. Actually I don't know ahahajja we decided to do a group shot and they have us that! Hahaha they were good!
  7. Quote:Originally Posted by trivera5521 Nykat...right LOL. Well my wedding is in like 5 weeks so I am sure that has something to do with it. Diana: I know you brought lanterns with you for the reception space but they didnt use them all. Can you give me an idea of how many you would say they actually hung up? Also, were those the large lanterns or small and did it look right with just the few. Just thinking if its even worth bringing them or not, and if it made a difference/statement...watcha think? Trivera! I brought 48 (bc of the color mix 12 yellow, 12 pink, 12 orange and 12 green) and I brougth a mix of small and large... so like 24 and 24... My husband counted them LOL he is a control freak ahahahahah he counted 30ish some of them maybe broke sonce they are very delicate... they did give it a colorful touch but I was going for that... I would just ask her upfront like how many you should bring... Alos, the lenght made a difference, some of my were long enough but some werent so they got lost with the drapes.
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by nykat57 You look absolutely stunning! Congratulations! Â Â How long did you meet with your WC? Â Â Do you know if they allow children in Club Premium rooms? Â Did you bring any decor for your cake and cake table? Â Or did the hotel provide the cake holder, etc? Â Thanks in advance for your help. Â Thank you!!! the meeting was for about 2.5 hours! I did see children at the club premium. yes I brought the cake topper, cutting knife and the decorations I brought for the tables were also used for the cake table.
  9. Quote:Originally Posted by soloparatijc Hi girls! Ok so my wedding is finally coming up on July 27, 2013 and I couldn't be more excited! As I'm finishing up the selections for extras I noticed that their online quotes for extras are super inaccurate to what they are quoting us through email...for example: online the bridesmaid bouquets are still $30 and the international basic DJ for the reception is still $488! I was thinking of going with a live tipico band for the reception as my fiance is also dominican & i think it would be cool to include part of the heritage but they only cover two 45 minute sessions all these price changes are driving me crazy as I see from the previous posts you ladies can relate. I'm really glad I found this blog and am able to connect with everyone and find out so much info that I wouldn't have been able to find on my own! Susana told me that I could choose my own cake design but when I showed her what I wanted she says only white is included :/ can anyone confirm this is true because I've seen photos with colored ornaments or flowers. I'm also debating whether to do the couples massage included in the tangerine sunset package before or after the wedding...anyone have any suggestions to when it worked for you best? soloparatijc so my cake was both white and green, and it had color orchids and it was included. I had the massage before because I was leaving on my honeymoon the next day, the lady at the spa said we were the only couple who did it before LOL
  10. Quote:Originally Posted by natalieblev Thanks for the great review Diana! You looked beautiful as did your wedding!! I loved the chapel! I begged them to let me have my wedding there, but since Im not catholic and would be having a pastor they said no! Oh well. Thanks Natalie!!! Couple questions: I reserved the Panoramic Suite-does this mean I will be on the adults only side? no Panoramic Suites are on the BBPD, You will probably be upgraded to a bigger suite but you have access to everything since you will be part of the club premium, you have access to everything on the adults side too. We are the only ones who got club premium, but I wasnt aware that the Japanese restaurant was CP now and had planned to do my "rehearsal" dinner there....Do you have any other suggestions for a restaurant that is great but on the BBPD side? if your other guests are staying at barcelo bavaro palace deluxe, they will be covered. The only ones not covered are the ones staying at the adults only side. I liked the food at the mexican restaurant, I think Lianny also mentioned at some point having the rehearsal on a private small reception hall. You might want to consider that. Did you eat at Hoya 19? Is it good for dinner and drinks? I didnt, but some guests did. They liked the food and it was definetly more calm and quiet and that other restaurants. They just said not to order the wraps LOL Did you do any excursions? yes, I did the side by side one... It is a boogie and it stops at a beautiful natural lagoon. Some guests did the santo domingo excursion (take a whole day) and some others did horse back riding. I got good reviwes from the horse back riding one. In flower options, Did you see any options for garden type flowers rather than the tropical ones? I have only ever seen calli lillies, orchids and roses...is that all they offer for bridesmaid bouquets? yeah thats pretty much what they offered... I think Lianny suggested colorful daisies but it didnt go wiht my decor. Do they charge to use the small votive candles for Bar H decoration? I actually brought those with me, I got them really cheap at a wedding decoration warehouse in Miami. Were the cocktail apps tasty? yes, they were good... the one funny thing is that they have seafood ceviche in a mini individual bowl... and no spoon or fork... so we called it the fish shoot LOL THanks in advance! And Congratulations again!!
  11. Quote:Originally Posted by trivera5521 Diana....welcome back!! You looked absolutely stunning girlie! You rocked that dress (loved it) and I cant thank you enough for the detailed review! It's so helpful to us upcoming brides! A few questions: Thanks Tamara!!! here are my answers You flew out of NY on what airline? What did you do with your dress...carry on? I flew out of Newark on United and flew back to LGA (stopped in DC for 45 minutes) My mom brought the dress as carry on on American from Miami. Did any of your guests use the resort credits, I'm still a bit confused on how this works? we all got a book full of coupons for the salon, wine bottles, spa, golf, casino, some bridesmaids used them for their hair on the wedding day. Would LOVE to see the video tropical pictures did when you get it? I will try to post it on youtube and send you the link! it is bit long since it has the cermeony etc. In your opinion did the MC make a big difference in the flow of the night? I think he helped us manage the timing.... but If you dont get a MC I think the WC will be doing that for you. You said there were no hidden fees/charges...so the DJ was $1300 plus the add'tl hour, bridesmaids flowers $30, additional people for rehearsal dinner were how much? The additional guests for the rehearsal were $15 each, only the ones with no access to the Japanese restaurant. Did you play any music during your/bridal party walk down the aisle, how did that work out? yes, the organist played something, cant remember what LOL it was nice. Your welcome bags were awesome! Was there anything you felt really was used by your guests or not really neccessary? I think the bags themselves were used by everyone at the beach, the advil and alkasetzer too, I think the spf wipes and bug wipes werent as used. Anything you would do different? I will clarify the flowers with Lianny, real vs. fake and I will make sure that she uses all the decorations I bring.... or be clear on whats doable and whats not so I didnt buy a lot of things that werent going to be used. Did it rain at all while you were there? yes, so I was there from 03/19 to 03/30... it rained on thursday and friday, 03/28 and 03/29... 03/30 was just cloudy... let me know if you have more questions! Thanks again for your review and taking the time out to answer all of our questions.
  12. Quote:Originally Posted by Parrish Great Review! Thanks so much! How did you work the dinner reservations for yourself and guests? Did you just let them know where and when you were eating or just let everyone do there own thing? When did you make the form you handed out in your welcome bags with times and location for your guests to be for the wedding. Did you know the details before you left or after you met with the wedding planner? Thanks! Parrish, so as soon as I got there, I did reservations for dinner for myself and 2 more people for wednesday, I made a reservation for 6 for Thursday and I just went with my parents on wednesday and some close friends on Thursday. I recommmended guests to make reservations as soon as they got to the hotel and most of them did ithem. Also, since I was there welcoming most of them at the lobby I showed them where to go and recommended the best restaurants. Some of my guests decided to make reservations together for 6-8 and they let them do it. For breakfast everyone did its own thing, but for lunch since we were almost all together at the adults only beach we just ate all together at the buffet. I had the pickup location for the weding day but not the time so I just left a space and then had to handwritte the time once it was confirmed with Lianny.
  13. Bjeantil, we agree on the location like 3 weeks before the wedding, it was on bar carey. The time wasnt set, but I need it was going to be on the PM.... I just made the letter left a blank for the time and them I filled that out after my meeting with Lianny on Tuesday. I had the welcome cocktail mostly so guests would be entertained after the wedding and I could take pics freely, I used the trio during cocktail hour and people loved them, during the ceremony I had an organist since it was at the chapel. hope this helps!
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