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  1. First, Dawn Sherman at Jamaica Elegant Weddings is WONDERFUL. Here’s why… What was supposed to happen: Fly into Montego Bay (from Seattle) Wednesday night, e-mail Dawn to confirm our appointment with her for the next day, meet with her in the lobby of our hotel in Lucea Thursday at 3:00 (or so I thought) and be married Friday at 2:00 in Negril. Crazy schedule, right? What actually happened: Mechanical issues in Miami and sent to Kingston (the other side of Jamaica) Wednesday night, no way to reach Dawn to confirm because I had no internet or cell availability, took a 4 hour shuttle from Kingston to Lucea Thursday afternoon, sat in the lobby waiting for Dawn at 3:00 (remember, I thought we were meeting at 3:00) thought she was a no show (Ugh!) and went back to our room devastated and worn out thinking we may not even have a wedding the next day. By chance, at 5:00 Thursday we went to the lobby and happened to see a pretty, nicely dressed woman looking around for someone. IT WAS DAWN! The meeting was at 5:00, NOT 3:00 and she showed up even though she hadn’t heard from us Wednesday as planned and even called the hotel and was told we weren’t there. She said to me, “Don’t worry. I wasn’t leaving this lobby until I found you.†“I wasn’t leaving this lobby until I found you.†Talk about dedication! You have no idea how that made me feel as a bride who had such a stressful time from 3:00am Wednesday in Seattle to 5:00pm Thursday in Lucea. From that point on, Dawn made things a breeze. Dawn handled all paperwork, offered transportation, offered photography, provided flowers (my requested colors), a champagne toast, the Officiant, a rose petal walkway on the sand, a table decorated with flowers for the document signing, waters for us before the ceremony, held my shoes and purse (for crying out loud!) during the ceremony, acted as a witness, and brought the music. I expected a cheesy c.d. or something, but there was an amazing sax player named Fitz Martin who played a couple of Nat King Cole songs for us. I highly recommend him. On top of everything else, Dawn e-mailed me less than two weeks after the ceremony saying our certified docs are in the mail already. She even sent me an additional e-mail to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. What a sweet gesture. She is quick to respond to e-mails, makes everything easy and personal, is reasonably (very) priced, and truly seems to enjoy what she does. I cannot recommend Dawn and Jamaica Elegant Wedding enough. Booking vendors in another country is scary. You won’t regret your decision to hire Dawn – promise! Shelly and Steve Married May 4, 2012 in Negril, Jamaica

    Pros: Beautiful Grounds
    Cons: Food, staff, cleanliness
    I will start my review by saying two things:   1. I never go out of my way to write negative reviews or really listen to them. I figure that people are sort of whiners and I think, "Hey! You are on vacation. Relax! Things are never going to be perfect, but you have to look for the good and be grateful you are even there."   2. I will never ignore negative reviews again   We were at the Grand Palladium from May 2-9th 2012 for our wedding. Due to travel issues, we were unable to
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