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  1. I am totally pushing for guests to book wiht our TA because we DO get comp nights plus a bunch of other free stuff the more rooms in our group block! The way I approach it is that althoiugh they could book on their own, there are no guarantees that it will be the same price, or cheaper and then they have to worry about the added headache of taxes, gratuities and round trip transfers to the resort and back to the airport, seems like the cost would be a BIG motivating factor for people
  2. What you need to do is give them a firm date as far as when they need to book...they don't need to book with the travel agent but if they don't honor your date then they will miss out on the OOT bags...or you could just order for those who are confirmed and then just buy some extra stuff at the store for extra people who book. It might cost you a bit more but at least you will have enough bags for everyone.
  3. Hi Chinanow, congratulations and I hope the planning process is going well for you! I am actually working with Barbara Vong from Wright Travel and all I can say is she is amazing and has been great to work with! She got us some awesome group rates and has been wonderful as far as answering every question I have (I think since I began working with her about 2 months ago, we have exchanged over 40 e-mails). She has made it very easy for our guests to put their deposits down and has been very clear as far as explaining how group booking works, incentives and things we can get for free if we book
  4. I found some information on DIY pom poms with cupcake wrappers and thought these were lovely so I wanted to share! http://amiragray.blogspot.com/2012/01/love-fest-diy-cupcake-pom-poms.html I am all over the place with my centerpieces but one idea I am seriously contemplating is buying a wine bottle for each table with personalized labels that include our names, date ad table number along with wine glasses turned upside down with a flower underneath each one and a candle on top and just decorate it with some shells or shimmery white netting, but who knows I might end up changing my mind
  5. I am getting married on August 22, 2013 and just sent out my save the dates last Thursday but that was only because our guests kept asking about the infnormation for the destination, website, etc. but you have plenty of time to send them out! Don't feel rushed.
  6. Hey Carolina, I actually just sent mine out on Thursday and I included our website so guests can start booking their rooms. I got mine from "wedding paper divas" pretty good prices and they're really nice!
  7. I'm having my reception at the gazebo and have been assured that it will accommodate my guests (I'm expecting about 50 people). Also I looked at some pictures and counted 48 plus chairs, so I don't think it should be an issue.
  8. Hi carolina, I am also doing a group block, I will probably have about 30-50 people so we will be putting down a $100 on each room as a deposit so that guests can begin booking their rooms. We are only blocking 10 rooms for now because we can't really afford to pay more than $1000 and I should be signing a contract with Barbara within the next few days. If you are certain you will be filling up those 20 rooms and can put a $100 down for each I would say go for it. Besides, the $1000 deposit will then be used towards your wedding. Hope this info helps!
  9. Hi Sherylh, They do start at $150 unless someone has other information... My "Tall" centerpieces are $240 EACH! Hi grace! How are things going with the wedding plannin?! I can't believe how expensive they are I think I might just make mine and order a small centerpiece to put in the middle
  10. Yup I'm using them and am in the process of having my guests book their rooms with them! I'm working with Barbara she has been awesome!!!
  11. Does anyone know what the price range for centerpieces are? I saw on one of the forms on facebook where someone mentioned they start at $150???! That seems really pricey... =/
  12. This question is for brides who have already had their wedding at the Dreams resort. It might seem like a weird question but can you use your bank card (debit/credit card) as a way to pay for the wedding? They keep saying you need to use a "credit card" but we do not have a credit card with a high enough limit to cover the entire wedding costs. If this is the case did you all have to speak to your bank before such a large amount was charged, overseas? We just don't want to find ourselves in a situation where our bank card gets rejected as we try to pay off the wedding. Thank you ladies!
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