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  1. Hello, Amanyara was very pricey, but made for a spectacular Welcome Party site. The hotel required us to stay there for two nights. This was fine because after the wedding festivities, we needed to escape from everything.
  2. Hi everyone! My husband and I got married on the beach at The Regent Palms on March 2. It was absolutely amazing as was the entire weekend. Here is a shot of us right after we were pronounced husband and wife. I cannot say enough about the staff at The Regent Palms. They were so kind and made sure that every detail was absolutely perfect.
  3. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Our wedding was one month ago at the Regent Palms. It was magical. We had about 65 people, so it was large by DW standards, but perfect for us. We worked with EA and their work is magnificent.
  4. Hi!! If Bay Bistro doesn't work out, try Grace's Cottage. We are having our rehearsal dinner there and the food is amazing. It is intimate and gorgeous. We are using Flowers by Environmental Arts for florals and Cakes to Di For for the wedding cake. Both are top notch.
  5. Great idea about different colored bags for men and women. We are having about 80 guests and are going to put all of the same types of items in our Welcome Bags. We are also going to add copies of When Where & How magazine, as well as some kind of cookie favor. We are getting married at The Regent Palms on March 2, 2013 and having a Welcome Party at Amanyara! We have had two site vists already (had to go back and make sure the island was just as beautiful ) and cannot wait!
  6. Has anyone heard of Brilliant by Tropical Imaging? We are going to use them as our videographer.
  7. Hey everyone, My fiance and I getting married on T&C on February 23, 2013. We are having the wedding & reception at a villa and other events (Welcome Party & Farewell Brunch) at the Regent Palms. We are so excited and LOVE the island.
  8. I actually just got back from T&C a few weeks ago after a site visit. My planner has a musician named Jervon Laporte. He is a self-taught musician and also has an amazing ear. He works with other musicians on the island and literally plays everything. His mobile # is 649-231-0001. I hope this helps.
  9. Hi Everbody, I'm planning a wedding in Turks & Caicos from the DC area. I have an apartment in NYC, so figured that I would jump on the bandwagon. My fiance, Mom, wedding planner and I went down to check out resorts and villas. The Island could not be more amazing and the people are beyond gracious. Unfortunately (), we have to go back in a couple of weeks since the villa we wanted is not available on our wedding day (2/23/2013). I am in NYC all the time for work and business if anyone wants to chat about all things Turks & Caicos. I highly recommend Cakes to Di For (Diane Guess) for cakes as well as Flowers by Environmental Arts for florals. Both do incredible work.
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