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  1. ** Please Note: These items are no longer available!! **
  2. Hi Brides, I was married at this resort a few months ago and am selling the chair ties and table runners that we took down with us. We had no problems packing them with us as they did not take up a lot of room. We gave them to the wedding coordinator when we had our meeting with her and they were set up exactly how I wanted the gazebo and then transferred to the dinner as well. They are satin turquoise and I am selling for $75. Email me personally at jenn.hamilton@hotmail.com if you are interested!
  3. I am selling my "gently used" wedding decorations. I have 50 turquoise satin chair ties, 6 mathcing turquoise satin table runners, and a few X-long (approx 10ft by 20ft) pieces of white sheer fabric for back-drop/ gazebo decoration. All items were purchased brand new by myself and recently used at my wedding. All is in terrific condition and can likely be re-sold again after your event. Asking $100 for everything (shipping extra)
  4. I am selling my "gently used" wedding decorations. I have 50 turquoise satin chair ties and 6 mathcing turquoise satin table runners. All items were purchased brand new by myself and recently used at my wedding. All is in terrific condition and can likely be re-sold again after your event. Asking $75 for everything.
  5. Hi Girls, I can't belive it, but we are leaving in less than 2 weeks...yay!! Anyhow, this past week or two I have finally been feeling organized but have a few last questions that I'm hoping someone might be able to answer. We did not opt for a private reception, but instead are having dinner at the Grill and then have booked the Gazebo. Where did some of you do you speeches and first dances?? Pask454, I can't remember when you said you are flying in so we may not cross paths, but I am taking all kinds of stuff with me (chair ties, vases, lanterns etc that could be re-used)...let me know if you are interested in everything as this would save you also lugging it down.
  6. Hi cdnbridelinzy, I ordered my lanterns about 2mths ago from skylantern.com. I think they worked out to be $2.50 per lantern, we decided to do one lantern per couple. We paid about $20 in shipping and did not have to pay any additional duties to get them across the border....they were delivered right to our door and only took about 10 days to arrive. Hope this helps!! Jenn
  7. Oh cool, we depart on the 6th!! Are you flying out of Toronto? Anyhow, we have also booked the Gazebo and when I asked, Chandlyn told me that there is electricity out there, so I assume you could hook up your own speakers. We are going to bring some hanging lights and/or lanterns to plug in. I also asked her about a microphone for some speeches...this is a possibility, but of course at a cost (like everything else it seems)!! Anyhow, hope this helps!! Jenn
  8. Hi Pask454, I just spoke with Chandlyn last week and she requested a notorized copy of our passports and citizenship (ie: birth certificate). When I informed her that my fiancee is out of the country on buisness for a few weeks and has his passport with him, she told me to send a notorized copy as soon as he gets home (Nov 10) even though that is only 7 weeks and not at least 2mths before the wedding. Hope that helps!! P.S. When are yor arriving?? We get married the week before you
  9. Hi Sarah, Check with your airline, I have heard many will allow you to hang it where the flight attendants hang their jackets etc...this way it will not get creased.
  10. Kristo, Did you have any problems at customs with bringing sky lanterns?? And did you get them through skylantern.com? Jenn
  11. Terrific, thanks for getting back to me. Do you still have them?? If so do you think they would turn out okay if they were re-died?? If so, are you willing to part with them or where you hoping to hand on to them? Jenn
  12. Forgot to ask...what did you guys so after dinner?? I looked into renting the Gazebo, and Chandlyn quoted me $500 for 2 hrs incl DJ and $23 pp for bar...not the $250 for 2 hrs w/o DJ and then just use your ipod dock w/ music like others in the forum had mentioned.
  13. Hi Girls, thank-you for the info...you guys are both so helpful and its great to have people like you on this forum, most people I'm sure get married and then never come back on the share advice with the Brides to Be, so again thank you both!! I have spoken to Chandlyn and the only place available to have a semi-private is the Grill, so that it is what we've decided to do. With the exception of you JayKay, it sounds like most have gone with the Dolce Vita as it overlooks the ocean, but its unavailable to hopefully the Grill will be good. We are also going early January but it will be over the Christmas/New Years period. I am glad to hear that you get to choose your menu...and I'm glad you mentioned about the Kids and Vegetarian meals Kristo, I never would have thought of that either. As for decorations, Kristo you have mentioned flower centrepieces...did they provide those instead of the bouquets since you didnt use the free ones??
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