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  1. Is anyone having trouble with adventure photos? We are trying to finalize our 100 wedding photos from our May wedding and NO ONE will return e mails. I have sent 1 e mail to Peter, 3 to Sergio, 1 to our wedding cord Ericka and alsoosted on their Facebook. Any advice?
  2. Hmmm, I'll look into it if you want me to. I do still have all of the paper work from RIU about the free package. It is offered at the RPRM, it is $700 and includes 10 guests.
  3. Did any of you look into the free package. Of coarse, it is not really free, but if you do not use any of the spa services it actually ended up being cheaper for me to do that and pay additional for the extra people. Just a thought!
  4. Which ever you would like! I am willing to help in any way I can!
  5. I got married at RPRM on May 4th of this year. I will eventually get around to writing a full review, but right now I am still trying to decompress. We have not even picked our pics out yet. That being said, the resort is great, Erika is great, the wedding was great, the semi private cocktail hour was great. We have no complaints at all about the wedding. Or AC in our room was not working well, we never complained. It wasn't that bad. However, getting ready in there was awful!! So, if your AC is not in full function, get that fixed! I thought I was going to pass out from heat stroke!! We were seated at the 8:30 dinner seating because we did a semi private dinner. We were literally the only people in the restaurant, they took great care of us!! With that, came a 3 hour cocktail hour. We have quite a rowdy group of family and friends and the Don Julio was flowing like crazy in celebration so dinner was quite funny! Lol Keep the planning easy and simple, try not to stress. We did not overdue it with decor or anything and we had an amazing time and so did all 38 of our guests!!
  6. I am actually using a little brown paper bag also. Folded at the top, heart hole punch and hung on there is a little welcome letter to the guests. They turned out super cute!!
  7. Is everyone using a bouquet provided in the wedding packages??
  8. The wedding coord does not seem to be much help. She answers my questions days later, but at least they are finally getting answered. I feel like there is really no timeline put together. How does everyone else feel?? Thanks!
  9. Hhhhmmm, I'm using theresa from the resort and she told me to use Cancun Transfers....
  10. We have everyone booked! I do have one friend who has only booked her room and is waiting on airfare. Waiting on what, who knows! It's like 90 days away!! Whoa, weird!! I do have a quick question, most of my guests are using the private transport, cancun transfers. I do have a few people who will be coming in alone and that seems super expensive! Any other options anyone know of??? I asked my travel agent about matchbooks and they are not allowed on even checked bags. You can have one matchbook per person. I am flying american airlines. Just thought I would share that. I am wondering about 5 hour energy drinks though....may check that out!! (Maybe that's because I'm tired right now
  11. I have tried to contact the new wedding planner a few times since mid Dec with no response. Anyone else having that problem??
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