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  1. Thank You...I'm just keeping my fingers crossed I'm two weeks away I'm packing and getting everything ready...I'll take lots of pics...if you like go on Facebook jgwedding2012 I'll post them up when I get back last conversation I had with Susana was about ribbon she told me to bring lots of ribbon for the cake...:confused: but I went to Micheals and bought three rolls of ribbon...white, blue, and green...blue and green are my colors other then that I think I got everything under control on my end....I have an appointment with her the day I arrive that is the day we will finalize everything she said I'm just trying to stay positive from this point forward...
  2. Hi What day in September are you going...my wedding is in September.
  3. Hi my wedding is also on September 29, 2012 at Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe at 4:00 pm...what time is your ?
  4. Yes I sent 30% to Florida...the rest I was told to pay at the resort.
  5. I like the magnets! I did that too and it's very helpful because they won't get lost and when I go visit my family and friends I see them on there fridge
  6. I agree with you 100% its even hard to negotiate a block of rooms I have about 35 guests attending and I feel they should give us a block of rooms at a discounted price...its crazy how we have to pay the package and plus our guests are also paying for their stay at full price when in reality its going to be the same food from the resort etc...its like we are double paying for them to eat at another location in the same resort with the same food...but anyways yes if you can share your photos that would be great...my wedding is on September 28, 2012...my e-mail is jgwedding2012@hotmail.com.
  7. Wow!!! which date in September I'm getting married the 28th of September =) at BBPD
  8. Thank You! I saw Sunny's pictures they are so beautiful!!!
  9. Wow those are beautiful pictures!!! Which package did you choose ? I chose the Strawberry Passion one...they did all of that with the beach chairs etc...that is cute!!!
  10. Hi Sunny, can you send me some pictures or video to jgwedding2012@hotmail.com I'm having my wedding at BBPD on September 28, 2012 so far I have chosen the Beach for the Symbolic Wedding but I still haven't chosen the reception area... and I'm curious to see how they set up the reception etc... Thank You!
  11. Your wedding date is 2 weeks after me =) I"m September 28, 2012.
  12. Hi I"m also getting married at BBPD and my wedding date is September 28, 2012...when is your's ? I feel like its creeping up on me too and I still have to get my dress etc...I'm going to DR in June to visit the Resort and meet Marlene, this way I can ask her more questions and I will post here as well I feel like sometimes, because everything is via e-mail with her and sometimes it takes forever to hear back from her...you can e-mail me at jgwedding2012@hotmail.com if you have any questions too =) I feel this Forum is great because it helps with the pictures and feedback Julissa
  13. Hi...I'm interested in George's Photo's I'm having my wedding in September 28, 2012 at Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe...how are the prices ?
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