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  1. Hello ladies, I haven't been active here lately but just wanted to let everyone know that I just came back from OCT last night and our wedding was PERFECT!!! We had a big group (96 guests) and everything went flawless. I have no words to thank Ana enough. She's amazing!!!! I'm planning on writing a full review soon but until then if anyone needs any help please feel free to email me at camis25@gmail.com I'd be more than happy to help Happy planning! Camila
  2. @ajhutch ~ I really love those dresses! Just checked out David's Bridal to see your BDs dresses in begonia and I liked it a lot! I'm a big fan of bright colors for a beach/tropical wedding Quote: Originally Posted by ajhutch @Camila - love your dresses and the colour....My BM are actually wearing the dress on the right in Begonia!
  3. Hi andecker ~ I haven't quotes with Ana yet so I would LOVE to check out the info she sends you. That would be really awesome if you could share that with me Thank you so much!
  4. Hello ladies, I haven't been here in a long time but wanted to share some of our progress. I found my dress! YAAY! I also chose the BM dress (it's the one on the left) and at David's Bridal they call this color "Coral Reef". So our wedding colors will be "coral reef" and light yellow. I've been searching for centerpieces as well. As many other brides here, my fiance and I are trying to save as much as possible so I might do something very simple. Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest Also, for the brides asking about the DJ provided by OCT I only found one comment (not sure exactly what page, sorry) that mentioned him. The bride said that he was awesome and everyone enjoyed the party. Apparently you can send him a playlist a couple weeks before the wedding and he will incorporate that as well. His name is Nico Cano and email direccion@cavmex.com.mx . Happy Planning everyone!
  5. Awesome review! Thank you so much for making other brides planning a little easier for providing so much information
  6. @kleenotes - Your pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us such a special moment in your life. My wedding is still 10 months away but since we are now in the process of quoting photographers, i just LOVE looking at other wedding pictures. Best wishes on your married life
  7. I knooooow! They already look amazing and I'm sure you'll love the final results I guess I'll contact him soon then. Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. WOW Sandy! Your pictures look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your review and pictures with us. My wedding is only next year but as far as I have been researching, Juan is the way to go for pictures! How far in advance do you recommend booking him? Thanks a lot
  9. Hello Ladies, We finally signed our contract and have our day reserved for us. June 23rd, 2013! Our first step was to order Save the Dates and we were able to save a lot of money doing the design our own. Usually websites provide their own template and you basically just have to upload your pictures. Very simple and easy. It basically just takes a couple of clicks to be done BUT it can cost you twice as much. If you're willing to spend some time doing it yourself, you might wanna consider this Here is what we did: 1) We visited www.magnetstreet.com and found the template we liked. This was our favorite and the asking price for that was $149 per 100. We were going to order 200 so our cost would be $298.00 2) Then we basically recreated the same design on PowerPoint! 3) Luckily, at the same time Vista print had a Groupon for $17 worth of $70. So we bought 2 coupons. Vista Print offers the option for you to upload your own design when ordering any of their products. We uploaded ours and our two orders of 100 magnets each ended up costing us $32.00 plus $34 (for the groupons) for a total of $66.00. Our total savings was $232 Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you ladies! Besides saving money my fiancee and I had a great time working on this project together!
  10. @ajhutch~ Welcome to the forum! I found the website not too long ago but with all the info I found here we were comfortable enough to go ahead and decide on having our wedding there as well. Our date is June 23, 2013! Just an idea for you in case you're stressing out about asking your guests to make a commitment and put a deposit down so much in advance... my fiance and I are actually putting down the deposit for the guests. Basically we are estimating how many rooms we will need and putting the money down to reserve it. This way our guests have more time to make a decision and plan their trip etc. When the guests finally book their trip, the hotel will transfer the money you paid towards your stay so to me it works perfectly. I was just very uncomfortable to ask the guests to make a decision with 1 year in advance. Thanks to other brides here that told me about this now I'm happy with the situation! You can work on the cancellation policy with the resort but if I remember correctly there's no penalty if you cancel the rooms you will not be using 30 days prior to your wedding. Seems fair to me. Just something to think about
  11. Thank You! Yours is SOOOOOO close, right?? I bet you must be very excited! Wish you all the luck on these last few days and I have no doubt you'll have an amazing wedding!
  12. Good afternoon ladies! Today is a very happy day for my fiance and I. We just took our engagement pictures this morning (will post some of them here when I get them) AND exactly one year from today we will be getting married at Ocean Coral. SO EXCITING!!! @Tammy Host - Thank you so much for the info you sent @Ana S - First of all thank you for all you help! Sorry for making you write twice. English is not my first language as well and I guess I just wanted to make sure I was understanding you correctly. I thought I would have to ask our guests to make a commitment/reserve rooms etc with 10 months in advance, which we thought it was too much to ask so the information you sent definitely helped us! Thanks again
  13. Sorry girls for the duplicate message! There was an error message the first time I tried to post so I had to rewrite it but now both messages are showing up! OOOPS
  14. @AnaS Thanks for responding so quickly and sharing all that information with us! I want to make sure I am understanding you correctly because right now we are being told that we need guests to pick dates, reserve rooms and pay a $50/person deposit before we sign the contract. Our wedding is June 2013 so we thought this was a little much to ask of people a year in advance. Did you estimate how many rooms you would need, they blocked those rooms off and you were guaranteed the group rate up until two months before the wedding? Or did you have to pay the deposit on the estimated number of rooms blocked off? Thanks again
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