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  1. Honestly, I really wanted to have the gift bags given as people arrived but I had so many bags and I put them together when we got there. All of my guest came at different times so it was hard to do it that way. Either way you do it, it should be really cute. I gave my bags out during our welcome Bon Fire, my guest used them the next couple days at the pool.
  2. Yes they had plates on the tables. Nicole and Tiffany will pretty much do whatever you want. At least that was my experience.
  3. LOL..seriously I didn't hear anything until almost 2 weeks out and then didn't finalize until we got there LOL. My TA had to send messages VIP to them, but honestly they did every thing I asked and was super attentive once we got there. I know all the forums say don't worry and you're thinking "seriously how can you say that" but don't worry. If you have the numbers they sent you for the packages and extras. It is pretty true to form. We paid our bill the day we checked out, kind of weird but that's what was done.
  4. I had round tables set up for the dinner... We had a choreographed dance so we didn't want the long tables. I liked the round tables
  5. I have 42 adults and 3 children and I did a private reception at Aunt Ruby's. Tiffany didn't even mention minimums, didn't give me a problem at all.
  6. thank you for responding... I will pass a long the info
  7. Very nice, I just got married in Jamaica and my MOH will be getting married at the Riu in Los Cabos. She needs help figuring out which hotel to book and have the wedding at so I'm browsing reviews to help her make the best decision as she hate electronics and refuses to do this... LOL... I guess it's my turn to be the slave to the brat bride LOL. Anyone have any thoughts on Sante Fe vs Palace?
  8. It's been one week and a day since our wedding....OMG was it wonderful. I couldn't have imagined it any better than this. The food was amazing, the drinks were amazing, the people are super sweet. Welcome Bonfire with fire dancer and steel drums band. Ceremony Sunset Orange and Royal Purple. Ceremony on the beach. We did have one mishap towards the end, but we will see what comes out of that. Everyone had such a good time. Nicole and Tiffany (the coordinators) were wonderful...LOVE THEM! I will give a better review later, but for now here are some pics....I hope this works!
  9. For all the princesses out there... A GLASS SLIPPER!!! I think I'm in love
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