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  1. That's awesome -good job! We are still figuring out some details, but our wedding coordinator has a good grasp on things. On our end, I've got my dress fitting left - it's taking a little longer for the dress to get in, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I've still got to put together the programs and figure out groomsmen attire (we still have to figure out what they will be wearing).
  2. Congrats Sunshinybride!! it's less than 3 months to go for me!! april is right around the corner. hope your planning is going well.
  3. i know i haven't posted much on these forums. i usually read through them to feel better about certain situations. the funny thing is that in my situation, it was that one close friend who was very supportive and completely on board about a destination wedding that has totally completely cut me out of her life since october. i got engaged in april and she constantly called and asked if she could research things for me so that i could narrow down our destination wedding location. however since the end of october, i've yet to hear from her. i know that life can't be that busy since she's posted several times on facebook. i figure if you have time to post on facebook, you should be able to return a phone call, an email or a text - but maybe i'm just expecting way to much. at this point, i'm assuming she's not coming to the wedding. i sat long and hard for about 2 weeks on her invitation - i couldn't decide whether or not to send it. in the end, i mailed it - figured that i would not let the relationship go to the wayside on my account. we'll see if i get a response from her. my thing is, that i completely understand if you can't make it. i wouldn't stop talking to her if she decided to let me know that she couldnt' make it. i know that life happens and sometimes other priorities come up and they are more important than going on vacation to attend someone's wedding. i'm not upset about that. i'm upset at the fact that i've gotten no response from her from my numerous voicemails, texts, emails.
  4. wow!!! i'm super impressed. i am getting married a few days after you (april 5) and i don't think i'm anywhere near as organized/on top of things as you are. i have decided not to do OOT bags. i decided to save on that and opt for spending a little more on wedding favors (talavera tile pieces). however, that starfish bottle opener caught my eye. where did you find it?
  5. wow! i love this photo of your shoes and flowers! it's different.
  6. Hi there MBride2013, These shoes are actually by E! Live from the Red Carpet brand. I found them at Von Maur (a department store here in the midwest). I do not know if they have other colors. Hopefully by giving you the brand, you can find something online.
  7. My bridesmaids will be in fuchsia dresses and will have bright orange flowers, so I'm thinking of adding some color to my weddding attire through my shoes. These fuchsia colored shoes caught my eye as I was doing some Christmas shopping the other day. These would be for church and reception. We are doing a church wedding w/ an outdoor receptioin at an hacienda, but we will be doing photos by the beach - so I was thinking of just simple orange flats for walking on the sand.
  8. Do you have the website for the company that you placed your order for the pashmina's? Any insight would be helpful! thanks!!
  9. CruisingT - did you get your order? were you happy with the order? i'm getting married in april in puerto vallarta and know that the evenings are cool, so i just started looking for pashminas.
  10. Beautiful!!! Reading through this is making me excited about my wedding!! Thank you so much for a great write up about Hacienda San Pancho, Pierre. April 5 is not coming soon enough.
  11. i love these invitations! Simple. Beautiful. Elegant. way of incorporating your destination wedding idea without being gimicky!
  12. Congrats on your engagement. Last month I booked with a wedding planner - SunShower Weddings, I am working with Pierre and his wife Gaby who were recently married. Pierre also does photography. He helped me find Hacienda San Pancho which is in a small town called San Francisco right next to Sayulita. He worked within my budget to get me the location and setting I wanted. So far, they have been very responsive and I'm pretty comfortable working with them. I actually owe them a little bit of homework. I need to decide on the color scheme and wedding menu.
  13. I finally found a thread about villas in Puerto Vallarta! We were going back and forth of chosing our destination and I'm just glad we finally decided on PV! We have decided to have our wedding there in April 2013. Now, we are looking into venues other than all inclusive resorts. I've just started researching villas and I'm glad I came across your comments and some clarification on Casa Valerie (also had read some negative reviews). Any advice is much welcomed!!
  14. Thanks, I just requested information from your website. We have decided on Puerto Vallarta as our destination wedding location and have started to look at venue options!
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