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  1. Desiree you looked stunning! Thank you for sharing the video. It really showed how beautiful the gazebo looks even without decorations.
  2. Rachel those pictures are beautiful! I loved your hair and your bouquet. I'm very impressed with the slideshows that everyone has posted of the hotel photographers.
  3. Thanks so much Savannah! Your posts are extremely helpful! And your pictures are beautiful!
  4. Hi Everyone! I have been "creeping" this blog for some time now and have enjoyed so much seeing everyone's pictures and getting my own ideas. I have been becoming more and more sold on the idea of having my "smaller" wedding at Dreams Riviera Cancun after reading your reviews. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with all of us! Question, if you had to estimate, how much did you end up spending on your wedding at this location in total (minus the dress). I look at the package prices and I find myself wondering how much I would end up straying from that initial price. Thanks for
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