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  1. We both took down two suitcases, and I brought my dress on the plane with me. As we were checking in, the lady upgraded us when we told her we were getting married, and we flew business class all the way there. It was amazing. The extra luggage actually didn't cost as much as I thought it would. It was only $30 each, and we were expecting to pay like 100.00 each.
  2. We went the Target route and got dresses from there for my BM's. They were on sale, so it worked out great.
  3. At the end of the day, it is your wedding. Because you are doing a destination wedding and going away and going to be spending time with your family and friends having her there would take that time away from spending time with the people you actually want to be spending time with. Having said that, you can kindly tell her exactly how you feel really. I am a big advocate in doing these things. You can write her a message on FB or an actual letter saying something along the lines of: I appreciate your kind thoughts on our upcoming nuptuals. I feel it is really important for me to spend time with the friends and family who have supported and encouraged me over the last (your age) years. It saddens me that you have not been there for monumental events in my life, and I have made peace with it, I would like to share my wedding with those who have celebrated with me me and encouraged me when times were tough. Thank you for understanding. (Maybe I am a little bit of a drama queen, but I feel that honesty is the best thing!) I had to do this for my step-grandmother. She was upset, and she stopped talking to me, which was no different than the way it was before, so status quo, and she knows how I feel.
  4. I think you are very caring for thinking about others during your wedding and taking consideration for your parents and your MOH. It shows a lot of character. I love the idea of an AHR BBQ. Sounds wonderful. I would just skip the bridal shower if that is what you feel.
  5. What about putting the rings on a chain that she can wear as a necklace? That way, someone can put the necklace around her right before she walks down the aisle and they won't be lost.
  6. Congrats on being married. And it is super helpful to people if they have other questions.
  7. Kylie your choices sound wonderful. I am sure that there are plenty of people here to help you answer your questions.
  8. Oh there are a lot of AI's in Cabo. I guess it depends, are you having kids at your wedding? Something small and boutique? In Cabo there are a whole bunch of boutique really quaint places in a district called Pedregal. It is in Cabo, but up on a hill, overlooking the ocean. There are a whole bunch of small boutique hotels there, and that is where Hollywood elite go and hang out when it Cabo.
  9. I heard the dried flatbeds in Vegas and the Ghost Town in Nelson are beautiful for photos.
  10. I really love the broach bouquet idea. They are so pretty.
  11. I am certain that it will go by quickly when planning!
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