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  1. Just got back from DRC. It was amazing!!! Everything was perfect. The wedding coordinators and wedding crew definitely know what they are doing. I can't complain about anything. I will try to post more of a review later. To all you upcoming brides: dont worry about anything they will take good care of you and do whatever you want. Relax and enjoy the planning. I didn't have much contact with the WC either and I didn't even know when the rehersal was or anything because I had never heard back from anyone before we left but when I got there we got a hold of Lorena and planned everything out. Everyhting was perfect!!!
  2. We will be there through the 15th (one week). Did you make up programs for the ceremony?
  3. A week from tomorrow I will be on the beach at DRC getting married to my soul mate. <3 12/12/12 <3 We leave on Saturday and I am so excited. Hope I have everything.
  4. Does anyone know how I should bring the music for the technician at the ceremony? CD, mp3 player , or do they have music and you just tell them what songs you want?
  5. You looked so pretty and your hair was amazing. Did you bring a picture of how you wanted it or how did you tell them? I love that look. Where did you get the flowers for your bridesmaids hair?
  6. Oh my gosh this was amazing!! What a beautiful day and everything looked just perfect. Congrats!!
  7. Yeah Im so excited. We leave on the 15th so I will miss your wedding . Where are you getting married at (beach or gazebo)?
  8. The lobby bar sounds perfect. Im not sure about the time yet, I just want somewhere to meet so everyone can meet each other and figure out plans. This is great info!! Thank you.
  9. Does anyone have any suggestions on where a good place to meet for a cocktail and for rehersal? We will have around 25 people.
  10. I planned on doing the same thing (combining colored sand with sand from the beach). How do you plan on traveling home with it so it doesnt dump out? Thats the part that Im worried about.
  11. I think we might have to many people to do something like that or they would charge us and like everyone else I think that is ridiculous that we are at an all inclusive resort and have to still pay at the resteraunts. Its something that I could check in to though. Thank you for the suggestion.
  12. We were told that we couldn't have a reception at DRC because there were already 2 other wedding receptions on the same day. Im looking for suggestions of something that we could do with our guests after the ceremony to keep us together and thank them for coming. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  13. Does anyone know if you bring your own chair sashes do they put them on for you and if so do they charge you for that?
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