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  1. great quality, composition and color HIGHLY RECOMMEND

    Pros: flexible, unique and talented photographers!
    Cons: sometimes minimal direction for photo poses/ set-up
    Our wedding took place in the Bontanical gardens of Puerto Vallarta and Pierre and Eva did a beautiful job capturing the vibrant colors and energy of this magical place.  Their service was top-notch from the beginning, responding to each email within 24 hours and referring my bridesmaids and me to their very capable hair and make-up team.     The only thing I wish is that I had thought more about the portrait photos I wanted with my family, friends etc. beforehand so as not to waste time thinking about it in the heat of the moment.  Eva and Pierre were helpful with most photo set-ups, but at times their direction was minimal (I think this is how they get "authentic" looking shots),  and the result of this was occassions when I felt at a loss or too busy to suggest what to take next. We lost precious photo time while they asked what I would like taken next and I often answered..I'm not sure.     Despite that, they took beautiful pictures with which both my husband and I are very satisfied.  We received the digital link in a short week and we and all our guests have been enjoying them ever since. I high recommend their services--this was a great choice for our destination wedding--In addition to the wonderful photos, the prompt email communication was especially valuable and appreciate ¡Gracias Eva y Pierre!